Stoopid Daylight Savings Time

I hate the time change. HATE IT. Yes, I understand that the extra hour of daylight is nice and all of that, but I HATE the “spring forward” time change. By the time I finally adjust, it’s time to fall back. Why do we do this? It makes no sense, pick a time and stay with it.

Whoever made this time change thing a rule did not/does not have kids. I am dreading the next week filled with the kids’ observations that “last week we would have been eating lunch at 12 o’ clock instead of 1 o’ clock.” Really, just kill me now.

In other news, Mike, after the boys’ Scout troop’s first annual mulch sale learned the hard way that he is no longer 25. He did something to his back and is fully out of business for the next few days, at least. Send muscle relaxants.

Okay, I’m off to bed and begrudging all you early risers your extra hour of daylight.

7 thoughts on “Stoopid Daylight Savings Time

  1. Well here in Japan we don't change time. I get used to what time it is in the states to call home… Then a few months later it all changes again…. We STILL have not gotten used to it after 4 years..

    Hope Mike feels better soon!

  2. I hate it, too.
    stupid stupid stupid

    It does not save energy, one still turns on a light when it gets dark and turns it off when not needed.

    Just another stupid ( multiple expletives deleted) idea foisted upon us by politicians.

  3. I grew up in Indiana where, back in the good ol' days, they didn't change time. Although since we moved away they've gotten stupid and decided to join the rest of the United States, failing to realize that THEY were the sane ones and the other states were crazy.

    Anyway, I hate hate hate the time changes. It shortens your life — the stress of screwing up your sleep schedule a couple of times a year is literally unhealthy. Plus there are more accidents (automotive, industrial) because of it. Gah.

  4. cranky kids here!

    I did okay this morning with the change. It will catch up with me sometime later in the week and then I will be trying to figure out what is up. Finally, I'll chalk it up to time change, take a nap and move on to resenting Daylight Savings Time with the rest of you.

  5. LOLOL – Laney, you can stay but you have to sit in the corner with Mike and Tim.

    Still hating the time change myself, but I'm trying not to be bitter about it.

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