The poor bunny . . .

My friend, Janet, introduced me to the phrase “poor bunny” as a term of sympathy years ago. It has always cracked me up.

But, I have to say, Mike with his twisted back is a true “poor bunny.” In fact, he’s a poor, sad, pathetic bunny. Mike has many great qualities and that’s why I married him. However, he’s pathetic when it comes to pain and/or being still. Deep down in his soul, the man is a Puritan of the move-and-do-something-useful-or-be-stricken-dead persuasion. I count myself lucky that he doesn’t insist we all wear big buckles on our shoes.

His back is improving, but it’s slowing down his normal pace. On a regular day Mike gets up at 5 and goes to the Y to swim or push weights around (and, yes, this person is married to me – it’s a conundrum). Today, Mike managed to get out of bed, get dressed and ease himself into the truck to drive to work. Fortunately, he was my brother’s problem for the rest of the day.

When Mike got home, I was actively thinking about making dinner. OK, I was leaning on the kitchen counter and listening to my I-pod, same difference! I started talking to him about the day and blabbing on and on about history with Andy when I finally noticed that my husband was semi-laying on the kitchen counter and trying to pay attention.

Ooops. I set up some cushions and a heating pad on the couch, gave him some ibuprofen and the remote and shut-the-hell-up and *wow* much happier husband! I drugged him and sent him to bed early . . . cross your fingers he’s feeling MUCH better in the morning or this is going to get ugly.

One thought on “The poor bunny . . .

  1. LOL, Amy!

    Mew really are all he same aren't they? My husband acts as if the world is going to end when he has a head cold. He will actually call me from work to give me the latest symptom update.;-p


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