But, what about the prom?

That’s, strangely, one of the first questions people are asked when they start homeschooling their kids. It’s kind of a joke – like all moms who homeschool wear denim jumpers.

Now, ten years down the road, we’re facing our first prom. Danny’s friend-that-is-a-girl is a senior this year and it’s prom time.

I don’t know how to set up a poll, but am I alone in thinking that $70 EACH per prom ticket is excessive? This does not include dinner and, obviously, it doesn’t include alcohol. WHY THE FACE? What are these kids getting for $70 EACH? And, that’s just the beginning, there are dress costs, tuxedo rentals, dinner out, food after, flowers and on and on.

Have I officially turned into the Early-Bird-Blue-Plate-Special old person? I think a $70 ticket is a steep price. Danny’s willing to cough it up, but that represents a lot of working hours for him.

Just curious about others’ prom experiences.

10 thoughts on “But, what about the prom?

  1. Only $70? They could do a movie with snacks for two on that price!

    And what is it with the word verification below this? The word is “butfulo.” Is that funny or am I immature?

  2. LOL, Lisa, that would make me laugh, too!

    Amy- That seems excessive. For the life of me, though, I cannot remember how much our proms were. We went to a small Christian school and there was no dancing and no alcohol, it was a dinner where the juniors did something for the seniors, usually a roast. I want to say it was somewhere around $25 per person, but this was also 20+ years ago.

  3. $70? I KNEW there was a REAL reason we don't send our kids to school. I just figured it out.

    I'm also glad to hear that Ohio doesn't have the corner on the denim jumper joke. ;-P

  4. Really? That's crazy! We didn't have to pay for ours back in the day we got in free AND it included dinner. Though really that's probably because we lived nearly an hour from any major metro with restaurants (heh).

  5. My 20th high school reunion is this year. I was really looking forward to it (crazy, I know). The tickets are $70 per person. We aren't going.

    1. We have to drive for 2 days to get there. That alone is going to cost us about $200 in gas (stoopid Suburban- don't tell it I said that). I can't afford $140 on top of that.

    2. The event is limited to 100 people (aka 50 classmates + their dates). My graduating class had 575 people in it. What's the point when the majority of people will not be able to attend even if they could afford it?!

    I don't know who plans these events, but the craziness has to stop. Adults during a recession can't afford $70/ person tickets, that's a bit much to expect from teenagers. I think our prom was $50 per couple (plus clothes, flowers, and dinner)… I was sooo glad I was the girl and that my date was traditional in his view of who paid. 🙂

  6. holy crap. We had a proper prom in a school gym with stained and patched parachutes hanging from the ceiling and crepe streamers stuck everywhere. Just like Carrie, but with less pig blood. Steve went to a fancy school and their prom was at some hall or other, and cost dearly. That way lies madness.

  7. That's about the going rate. $65-70. Pays for the music, decorations, the spiked punch (:P), the program printing, the photographer's fees, the hall they are renting (unless they're using the gym. THEN I'd say super-excessive).


  8. I graduated in 1991 and we had a senior prom not a junior/senior prom. The difference? The money we earned throughout the years (as juniors, we ran the concession stand at the home basketball games, as seniors-the football concession stand and I remember a car wash our sophomore year, I think) paid for our prom (as I understand it, jr/sr proms are paid for by the junior). We did still have to buy tickets, but ours were $5. Yup, five dollars! That didn't include dinner (I vaguely recall that they had an option to attend dinner there at maybe $20 a person before the prom), but did include a commemorative glass. ~~here's where I still don't understand why we got a champagne glass with the prom theme etched into it. Here's your “I promise not to drink at the after prom party” card to sign and here's your champagne glass. Have a great night! still shake my head at that~~

    I really only remember the ticket price because I wasn't going to go until about 3 hours before when friends finally wore me down and convinced me to go. I got there planning on paying at the door but I guess no one usually crashes the prom because there was no one there collecting tickets and no one selling them. As we left, I was handed a glass. Felt so bad about it that on the Monday after, I told the senior adviser about it and tried to give her the $5. She laughed at me. So, I asked if I could donate it to the juniors for next year instead. She still laughed at me, but took it.

    My word verification? phold 🙂 and $70 prom tickets make me feel so old that I want to yell “Get off my lawn!!!”

  9. That seems crazy! I don't know how much the prom tickets were when my daughter went as her then boyfriend (now husband) paid for them. I DO know that they did not stay very long since it really wasn't something they were interested in. duh! Seven years later we still have her lovely prom dress! 🙂 Worn for a few hours.

  10. Nice to know I'm not totally insane.

    A few thoughts –

    Lisa- I said nearly the exact same thing to Danny – they could both buy FL resident passes to one of the them parks have visit for the rest of the year!

    Tutor – someone needs to fire your reunion planner. That's insane.

    Deana – you kill me. I shared your comment with Danny and we were howling.

    Kaaren – you KNEW this and didn't share? Gah! Any recommendations on where to rent a tux?

    Weaver? – you graduated high school in 1991? Wah! You're so young!!!!! 😉 It's all relative. The champagne glasses are a bit confusing, though. Wonder who was in charge of that decision?

    Karen – can Danny borrow your daughter's prom dress? Don't tell him, I want it to be a surprise. 😉 LOL

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