Flowers and corned beef . . .

So, our 20th anniversary wasn’t celebrated with a cruise or anything like that. We had corned beef, cabbbage and buttery potatoes. Mike picked up some good beer on his way home. Mike, with the injured back, sat at the head of the table with his heating pad and we all ate dinner. And, it was my most favorite anniversary ever.

To sit and eat and talk with my own family, usually we have extra kids and/or are missing one of our own kids, is a rare thing these days. We had so much fun last night. It ended up being a 2 1/2 hour dinner. Andy told horrible jokes and when he ran out of those he started making jokes up, causing Danny to choke. What’s a dinner without some drama? It was ordinary, but it was exceptional too. For both of us it was a real testament to what we started in a shamrock-glittery reception 20 years ago. Who knew?

We could not have asked for a better anniversary.

UPDATE: I was wrong, prom tickets were $75 each, not $70. Gah.

2 thoughts on “Flowers and corned beef . . .

  1. aw, it sounds lovely. How I look forward to dinners that aren't full of “You have to eat at least two bites of that.” and “seriously, you have to be willing to eat more than one vegetable.”

  2. That does indeed sound like a fantastic anniversary. I love that we celebrate the day as a family holiday, but people tend to be so confused that we don't want to go out (or away for the week!?!?) to celebrate. Hope the rest of the year goes just as wonderfully!!!

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