Speaking of poor bunnies . . .

Mike’s back is nearly back to normal. But, don’t worry, the couch won’t be empty! Andy woke up with a 103 fever this morning, sore throat, stomach issues and all over miserable. Unlike when I talk about Mike, Andy really is a poor bunny.

Once again I had to make the round of visits and phone calls to let other parents know they and their kids had been exposed! It’s so weird, we’ve never had so much of this stuff in the past. So far, everyone we’ve been in touch with is still healthy. Andy finally passed out on the couch and I’m staying up until his next dose of Tylenol is due in two hours (I’m getting WAY too old for this!). His stomach seems to be ok if we can keep the fever down.

Today was spent disinfecting the house, yet again. Andy got a good nap this afternoon and I took the chance to enjoy an amazingly beautiful spring day. Planted our herb garden and flowers around the mailbox too. It was so nice to be outside and not cold and/or wet. And, my friend, pollen, and I were able to get reacquainted as well. Funny, I haven’t missed pollen so much.

In other exciting news, we recently switched from Direct TV to Dish Network. Aside from their ever-increasing rates, we enjoyed Direct TV for the past 10 or so years. But, the rates! We’re low maintenance TV-watchers here. We don’t care about hi-definition or having 8000 channels. Finally, I cancelled – it was like trying to leave AOL back when everyone still had dial-up internet. Dish came out and installed the new satellite, hooked up not only the living room tv but my tiny kitchen tv! Woohoo! For the first time EVER, I can record and watch what I want in my own space. In the past we’ve only ever had one tv with satellite or cable. AND, Dish is doing it for less than half of what we were paying before! Amazing stuff.

It’s so awesome to be able to watch what I like without heckling from the boys or without staying up until crazy hours so I could watch alone. Now I can do other things when I’m up at crazy hours. To illustrate how much I like this new set up, I’ll share my insanity.

Friday morning, I had a couple of bags out for the AmVet truck to pick up. Usually they pick up and just leave a card stuck in the front door. This Friday, the driver knocked on the door – at 8 am no less! I answered with my bed head and in my fluffy new hideous flannel pj’s (bright red, covered in snowflakes, $4 on the overstock rack at Goodwill – from Target originally – NWT! They’re ugly, but comfy!) He said his wife had been asking about switching to Dish TV but they didn’t know anyone that had it and what did I think? So, I’m standing outside, waving my neighbors off to work, looking as scary as a person can, trying to explain it to the guy. Finally, I told him to just come in and see for himself. By then, all the boys were up and we took him on a tour of the wonders of DVR and the savings of Dish TV. It was a riot – he was calling his wife from our living room telling her to go ahead and switch. So, THAT’s how happy I am about this.

And, because I’m happy about it, I’ll keep rambling. Last night, Mike and the boys were all tied up in March Madness (kill me now) and I simply grabbed an adult beverage, sat down at the kitchen table, watched the last three episodes of Project Runway (courtesy of my kitchen dvr capabilities!) and mapped out the herb and the vegetable gardens. I even broke out the colored pencils! It’s kind of pathetic, but that, for me, was the ideal Friday night! Yes, I even took a picture of my garden map. Once Andy is better, he and I will attack the vegetable garden.

5 thoughts on “Speaking of poor bunnies . . .

  1. We have Bright House cable and also don't care about the HD stuff (no HD capable TV) and only watch a few channels. My daughter and son-in-law have a BIG HD tv and the DVR. I really like the DVR, A lot! I've seen the commercials for Dish Network and we've talked about switching. I guess we should!

    I sure hope Andy is well again soon! We take 4,000 IU of vitamin D3 every day and I swear it has helped us!

    I am preparing for citrus bloom season which has been mercifully late this year. My allergies are pretty well under control except for that! Can't open a window or go outside for long until those little buggers have stopped blooming. Who knew I was allergic to citrus blooms? I am from the North originally but have dealt with this for 18 years now!

  2. We tried to leave Comcast and they started throwing money at us, so we stayed. But we are long-time TiVo users, I wouldn't even bother watching TV w/o a DVR. Ads make me…cranky.

    yay, project Runway! RuPaul's Drag Race is surprisingly wonderful if you're so inclined.

    ooo, garden map. I just ordered a bunch of seeds from SeedSavers. We're weirdly warm right now, so it's odd to think that I need to start seedlings rather than direct sow, but surely it will get cold again…

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