Slacker . . .

I used to keep a working thermometer in the house. I used to keep all kinds of things. As the boys got older and got sick less often I let things slide. But, as the boys got older, I also figured out how to tell a fever by kissing a forehead or how to tell they were getting sick by their funky eyes or bad breath.

Andy was oogy most of the day. Finally, I got the flashlight and looked into his throat. Sure enough, it was disgusting. We headed to The Little Clinic at Publix (in the midst of a monster thunderstorm no less) and he tested positive for strep. I managed to keep him up late enough to get a full does of the abx into him and I think he’ll be feeling MUCH better in the morning. (Have I mentioned lately how much I LOVE the Little Clinic for this kind of thing? Well, I do!)

Me? Uh … not so much. My head hurts, I have a giant swollen gland on my neck that hurts, though my throat doesn’t hurt. Ugh … I don’t have time for this. I just took one of Andy’s abx and will go tomorrow to get my own. I just stuck Andy in his own bed for tonight. I’m going to make up the couch for myself (Mike can’t get sick too) … Cross your fingers that this is the end of it. Everyone else seemed healthy enough when they went to bed.

Quick! Everyone spray their screens with Lysol and go on with your day.

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