Ahhh Spring . . .

Strep throat sucks. I’d forgotten how much it sucks. If the school attendance laws of today existed when I was in elementary school, I’d still BE in elementary school! That’s how often I was sick, really sick, and almost always with strep throat. I did get to spend many quality hours with my mom, watching The Guiding Light through the crossbars of the ironing board. Not all bad. To this day, I love the smell of spray starch and/or Campbell’s Chicken Noodle soup. While sick this week, Andy and I bonded over Wife Swap reruns. Gah! What a crazy show. Today we both woke up feeling human and ready to head outside – anything but the couch and terrible television!

We did do school.It’s always painful to go back to work after a break. Today was a stellar illustration of this. We muddled through. Funny how a kid can focus when he really wants to be outside! I worked with the older boys on their projects, did the dishes, started a load of laundry and hit the garden!

Really. Compost is the best thing ever. Finally our weather has broken and I was able to get into the big vegetable garden today. Lots and lots of weeding and digging to do before I can plant. I worked through about 1/3 of the big garden. Sending Andy back (repeatedly) to the compost heap for buckets of compost makes me insanely happy. All winter long, all of our non-meat, non-fat garbage has been going into the compost heap – we’ve been composting for years, but we’ve never had such a long stretch of cold weather where the compost just sat there. This year’s batch is the best ever! The kids HATE when it’s their turn to flip the garbage in the backyard, but it’s all paying off now.

At this rate, the full garden should be planted by Friday. I’m totally enjoying the mild temperatures for now. I’m trying to be organized and do as much work as I can before we’re back in the 90’s++ again. If anyone has a good audio book to recommend, I’m all ears (get it? ears/audio?) Right now, I’m listening to “The Shining” by Stephen King. I read it years and years ago and I love the movie (nothing like Jack!) but I’m almost done and am looking for something new and interesting.

2 thoughts on “Ahhh Spring . . .

  1. yay compost! This is my first good year, too, and pulling that big spade full of worms and centipedes out makes me so happy.

    Waiting on my seeds to arrive…

  2. LOL, Deana – isn't it crazy what makes you happy now? I've been cheering our earthworms as I add them to the garden. Where do the earthworms come from, though?

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