Float Mom?

Just thinking here . . .

I don’t get sick very often. If I do get sick enough to actually stop doing what I normally do, I’m pretty sick. While I was dying (really, I was dying and not one person here cared) on the couch I thought about Mike’s old job at a famous restaurant. This restaurant used to have “floating” managers who would step in when a regular manger was too sick to work.

Well, I think moms might think about pooling their resources. For me, I just need a substitute mom to come in once, maybe twice, a day to berate my family for leaving waist-high piles of laundry while their figurehead (aka mom) was dying not only from strep throat, but dehydration as no one had offered her food or drink in the past 18 hours.

I’d pay into that pool. If you have younger kids, you might pay for someone to get you through the worst times of day with your short people while you take a nap. If you have school-aged kids, the pseudo-mom might pop in to make lunches, drive kids to school, sign homework or whatever else needs done. BUT, before she took off with the kids, she’d put clean sheets on your bed, make sure you showered and had clean jammies and she’d tuck you in and call you “Poor Bunny.”

Tell me you would not pay into this? All along I’ve been saying I need a wife. Now here’s a plan to get one – if only when I get the flu. What do you think?

4 thoughts on “Float Mom?

  1. As I was sitting on the couch enjoying my last bon-bon (LOL), I caught about 5 minutes of Oprah. I caught this statement, “All moms need an assistant. You know like a wife. All moms need a wife.” Now your saying it too made me laugh. Did you watch Oprah while eating your bon bons and languishing on the couch as well??

  2. I've been sick this week with bronchitis. In my dreams the kids could still do some school and manage to function. The reality was they total chaos. I could use a sub.

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