Ooops …

Andy and I ran to the grocery store this evening. He has a birthday party this weekend and (we suck) we needed a gift card. I also needed milk,eggs, you know, the stuff you run out of on a regular basis. Andy was excited to shop with me because Dan was working at the store where we were shopping. I’m an oldest child, so I find the fascination Andy has with his older brothers interesting. Andy was crushed when I told him we could not go through Dan’s line (store rule).

Andy is a funny little-ish person. He’d prepared and packed 2 quarters into his pockets before we left the house. He ran over and got two gum balls while I was checking out and paying for our groceries. As we headed out, he wanted to know if it was OK for him to go up to Dan to give him a gum ball. I said sure.

Waaahhhh … talk about mom moments. Dan smiled at Andy, thanked him and cuffed him on the head. Andy was over the moon. Dan has no clue what an impact he had, but I’m thrilled he was so nice in the face of a huge line of customers. Yep. It’s the little things.

As we pushed the cart out into the parking lot, I asked Andy where I had parked the car – who needs GPS, just have kids is my motto (though I’m seeing flaws in this thinking lately). Andy pointed me to the car. We started loading the Suburban with groceries when Andy fell down laughing.

Ooops. Dan had driven the Suburban to work. Andy and I arrived at the grocery store in Mike’s truck. Imagine if we had taken the Suburban home! It was dark and Mike would not have noticed the missing truck. Andy and I have been laughing since.

3 thoughts on “Ooops …

  1. lol, I adore that kid.

    Yes, as an oldest, I feel SO guilty when I see how much the smallest kindness means to the littles and how they deflate when the older one is mean. As, of course, *I* was routinely.

  2. I am the baby of the family and I sure understand what it is to be the youngest!

    Word verification word:

    does that mean that together we are hip?

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