Ouch! It’s planted.

The garden has been de-weeded and planted. I’m old. I cannot believe how tired and sore I am this evening. I spent about six hours today planting: eggplants, 2000 tomatoes (not really, it just felt like 2000 plants), black beans, snap peas, green beans, another version of green beans, corn, bell peppers, banana peppers, hot peppers, regular cucumbers, pickling cucumbers, zucchini, lots of sunflowers, basil, rosemary, chives, thyme, cilantro and something else . . .

I still have a lot more I want to do in the garden, but it’s mostly cosmetic stuff. Now, to keep it weeded and see what grows and thrives. Maybe it’s getting older and developing some patience, but I am surprised at how much I’m enjoying gardening (talk to me in July/August lol). I’m finding it to be the greatest escape. No one else wants to dig in the garden or weed and I have hours of rarely interrupted time to listen to an audiobook or to just to listen to nothing. I really, really love it.

Now, the true test will come tomorrow. Will I be able to walk and move my limbs in the morning? 😉 Cross your fingers!

6 thoughts on “Ouch! It’s planted.

  1. I'm still focused on the diagram.

    One can only aspire to be organized like Amy.

    I spend my whole life flying by the seat of my extra large pants.

  2. you inspired me to actually plan my garden instead of just slapping stuff out there and hoping for the best. Hopefully my seeds will arrive tomorrow so I can start my 'maters and squashy things. Can't put them in until near Mother's Day.

  3. Oops. I forgot to ask, how big of an area is your garden? How much space for all of your cukes? My cukes didn't do well last year, so I am hoping they do a bit better this season.

  4. Anytime, Stephanie! It's been forever since I've seen you. The garden is 12 x 24. Our cucumbers did great in the fall, but they took over. I think I'm going to try putting them up on a trellis this time around.

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