Lack of Jack!

Wah — for years now Jack Bauer has been a Monday night staple. The first few seasons of 24 were surprising and fun. The next couple of seasons were less surprising but still totally fun. And, now, we’ve defunded fighting fictional terrorists. We’re relishing the last season . . . I’m going to miss my Jack Bauer fix when this season ends. Dammit, Chloe.

4 thoughts on “Lack of Jack!

  1. I'm going to miss him, too. This is the first season we've seen as it is aired since, well, the first season. I guess you could say that we were there when Jack came into the world and we'll be there when he goes out.

    Damn it, Chloe, indeed!

  2. We're going to miss it as well, though this season *has* gotten quite predictable.

    “OK, she's this season's mole at CTU.”

    “Oh, that's the token Muslim extremist who won't REALLY be a villain, he's just a pawn for the REAL villains: the _______ (insert people group here: “Irish, Bosnians, Mexican mafia, etc.)”

    “She's this season's 'Kim' archetype.”

    “See that guy? That guy right there? He's this season's Ricky Schroeder. Oh, excuse me: 'Rick' Schroeder.”

    I do wonder how they'll end this season, though.

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