Happy Easter!

I’ve been really lax about posting lately. Sorry. The pollen in the air this time of year makes me kind of mean and grumpy and it doesn’t seem fair to subject you all to it in addition to my family. That and it feels like things are so busy lately – I think it’s more of a pollen lag than anything. It takes me forever to get through the schooling and just keeping up with the regular house stuff lately. Thankfully, the horrific pollen (our navy and black cars actually look green every morning) doesn’t usually last too long and life will go back to normal.

In the meantime, we’ve been making the most of our spring break (which started Friday). One of the neighbors opened their pool yesterday and the kids were ecstatic to get back into the water. I was cold just watching them, but I’m a wimp. I swear Andy is already looking tanner and blonder after just two days.

Late in the afternoon, I recruited Ian to drive me all over town on errands. His driving is really improving, I don’t think I shrieked even once, despite the monster traffic. We were both proud. I loved having a free weekday! We managed to hit my favorite thrift shop. It seems I never have time to get over there lately. I’d really like to find canning stuff and an old coffee percolator thing but, it appears it’s going to take more work than I thought. I did find two pair of overalls (I love overalls for the garden and for my messy projects), 7 cute summery t-shirts (the messy thing again, all of my t-shirts from last summer are stained beyond repair – I’m a slob), a very cute pair of capri pants (green with little pink and white stripes sewn in under the hem), a beautiful, all-purpose white blouse and something I’m forgetting. Ian found two pair of shorts, with tags no less, and a fun t-shirt. I think that’s a pretty good haul for $40!

Next we hit the grocery outlet. HUGE candy score for Easter baskets. We also picked up a couple of boxes of the most amazing bakery Italian lemon cookies. I can’t remember what they’re called, but I’ve never had anything like them. I wish I had picked up a few more boxes – they seem to freeze well.

From there we went to Target in search of a new pogo stick for Andy’s Easter basket. No luck on the pogo stick, but I went a little nuts and bought a skirt. It was the only one on the rack and it was my size and I LOVED it. I never do that. It was when I started squealing over the skirt that Ian stopped acknowledging me. Oh well. Here’s a picture if you’re interested – it’s a short-ish madras skirt and it goes great with one of my thrift store t-shirts!

Last night, the boys, one of their friends and I tackled the Peep Sushi project. I’m cheap so initially I set out to make my own Rice Krispie treats. Ummm … they were delicious, but they do not work for Peep Sushi. By the time I’d made and cooled the RK treats, I was committed 100% to the project. When I realized they weren’t going to work, I sent Dan to the grocery store to buy RK treats – I really love having a driving son. I’m sure whatever extra is in the store-bought RK treats is not good for you, but man!, they are sure stretchy and easy to manipulate. I made little “sushi boxes” while the boys (too) gleefully decapitated peeps and started stuffing the sushi. This isn’t a great picture, but they were really cute when they were done. I couldn’t bring myself to eat one – too gooey and sweet – but the kids loved them! I’m thinking I can sell these to my dentist next Easter.

This morning we went strawberry picking. I haven’t done this for years. The older boys used to love it, but Andy hates strawberries. He went this year mainly because his friends were going and I promised him whipped cream with a spoon. It was fun to stomp around the mounds of strawberry and to check out the newly growing blueberries as well. Andy and I picked two quarts and they’re gone. They were absolutely perfect.

This afternoon we did the neighborhood egg hunt. The kids are all older now, I think we may have to rethink this whole thing for next year. Egg hunts should not be a contact sport. Maybe a scavenger hunt or something for 2011? And once again I found myself floored at how long six kids can spend trading candy and negotiating plastic eggs. Crazy, but it all worked out in the end.

This evening we waited for Danny to finish his shift at the grocery store before dying eggs. He worked until nine and it was a definite stretch for Mike to stay up and participate, but he managed! I really love that everyone still likes doing this stuff every year. I’m surprised, but pleasantly so. It kills me to watch them all dye eggs – but I pace and try to keep busy and ignore my twitching eye. Once again we have a funky, unique batch of eggs.

And, now, you know more about us than you wanted and everyone is finally asleep. Andy was up WAY late wiggling out another nasty old tooth. 10-year-old molars are NOT cute. Blech. Finally his mouth stopped bleeding and I think he’s really asleep. Let the Easter basket making and hiding begin!

6 thoughts on “Happy Easter!

  1. Awe man! You and SabrinaT are really amazing!

    I'm feeling even more like a total dud now. I just completely gave up on clever this year and just stuck my head in the sand about the entire holiday. No nothing.

    I see how pathetic I've been. Thanks for the kick in the butt. I needed it!

  2. I just saw a percolator yesterday at a thrift store! I can go back on Monday of you want me to get it for you.

    I love the skirt, I would have gone loopy, too. 🙂

    I know what you mean re: the egg dying twitch. LOL!

    Happy Easter!

  3. I bought a 20-cup percolator last year so I could use it to make spiced cider. Works great with mulling spices where the coffee goes and cider where you put the water. I love it!

  4. Obi-mom – I think anyone that reads and/or comments here has had AT LEAST one year where they stuck their head in the sand. I know I have had my years. You're not pathetic, you're human.

    Laney – thanks for the offer, but it's not a rush thing. I really appreciate it. If I can get one by Christmas for Portia's mulled cider, I'll be happy.

    Joy – don't skip the eggs, just put Maggie in charge and leave the room. Accept the clean-up as penance for being a twitchy mom. LOL – it's worked so far for me.

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