Ah to be 17 and supremely confident again!

We went to my parents’ house for dinner this evening. It was the first time we did not go as an intact family, Danny had to work. It was weird, but we managed to scarf down the amazing ham and cheesy scalloped potatoes and fruit salad and asparagus (go figure, Andy ate about 1/2 lb of asparagus!) followed by pound cake with strawberries and/or gooey brownies. Danny was supposed to work until 7 but the store was slow and they let him go early, so he came to my folks’ house as well.

After Danny had eaten and eaten and eaten he settled down to talking with the adults on my parents’ screened in deck while we watched the sunset (yes, life in Florida sucks sometimes but we do what we can . . .) Tim, Ian and Andy were outside hitting golf balls (did I mention how horrible our lives are?). I wandered into the house in search of more food and came back to the porch to see my dad and Danny engaged in a serious conversation. I was busy eating so didn’t ask about it.

When we got home tonight, Dan told me he’d asked my dad if he could borrow his car for prom night. Gah! Like our beautiful 12-year old tank isn’t enough? I can’t remember what kind of car my dad drives, it’s a Toyota with working brakes and is super cool (I got to drive it once). My dad, I guess, said yes without hesitation! Dan is beyond excited. After hearing this, I made him promise to drive in the slow lane and to call me at every stop. I’m torn. I love that my dad trusts Dan so much and I fear parking accidents and other mishaps. Waaahhh. It’s gonna be a long prom.

Don’t you all remember being 17 and thinking it was all about you and sometimes it worked out? That’s where Danny is tonight. I hope that feeling lasts a LONG time for him – sort of.

If anyone reading works in the bubble-wrap business let me know. I’m in the market to cover a Toyota for one night.

4 thoughts on “Ah to be 17 and supremely confident again!

  1. I believe it's an Avalon and very nice. Don't worry, your parents are covered – and obviously very cool. Danny's going to have a great senior prom.

    I wish we could have been there for dinner – we miss you guys!

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