Maybe too much of me combined with too much of the rest of the world, but it seems that no matter where I travel on the internet lately people are angry and fighting and wah! On news sites and those kinds of places it’s easy to balance it out. When it starts penetrating message boards and Facebook and places I go for “fun” I have to think. I’ve thought. It’s time to take a break. So, I’m going to take a break. One week. My life is stressful enough without adding online stress. And, really, this is just as as vague as you’re reading it. I don’t feel/have not been personally attacked. There’s nothing here that is stressful, it’s just a general tone. I’m just tired of being on edge for no good reason. Talk amongst yourselves if you like.

I’ll be puttering in the garden and teaching Andy all kind of good things about 1950-1975 (how to choose from the exciting, happy projects from those years I’ll never figure out)It might be interesting to place bets on whether I paint anything during the upcoming week. Could be a good pool – especially if you factor in color choices.

10 thoughts on “Overload?

  1. You will be missed, Amy! But I completely understand and hope your week is peaceful, restful and fun.

  2. I hope it recharges you. FWIW, I have stopped listening to news and if someone is being all political (even if it's “my side”)in his or her FB statuses, I hide that person. I have enough crap to worry about, I don't need someone else's anxiety or anger added on.

  3. I don't watch the news. Between 9/11 and the economy, I've learned it's best to live my own life and not worry about the sky falling. (Well, because of the economy, I had to have 7 p/t jobs last year so there was no time for the news anyway….)

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