The break was a good thing. Really good. I kept up with email and my online Scrabble pursuits and that’s it and it appears that the world did just fine without me (sorry about the volcano in Iceland, though – I’m sure I could have done something about that had I known).

We got a lot of school worked out and finished last week ahead of schedule – when does that ever happen? Dan and I visited a local little tuxedo shop (yes,very last minute!) and were greeted by none other than the owner, Don Corleone. Seriously! He was the nicest man but there was NO question HE was in charge. (And, I’m serious, he was dressed in the most immaculate suit I’ve ever seen, he had a gorgeous Italian accent and he was not to be messed with.) He saw Dan looking at one of the tuxes and all but slapped him on the head and said “You’re too pale and skinny for that one.” *snort* It was awesome. Dan is many good things but he’s also pale and skinny. The Don found a tux that fit Dan perfectly (short of buying one and having it tailored). We were in and out of the store in 15 minutes. This store has my business for life.

Next to the tuxedo store was a florist. The owners of this store were equally commanding and helpful. The woman at the counter asked Dan about his girl-that-is-a-friend’s dress. He suggested HIS idea of a good corsage. Yet again, Dan narrowly missed being slapped on the head for his stupidity. The woman showed Dan what he needed and WHY he needed it – and she was right. Like the tux store, this shop has our business for life. It’s so awesome to run into people who care about what they’re doing and know how to do it well. They did not prey on Dan’s inexperience or uncertainty, they really taught him some valuable lessons.

Garden is weeded and growing. I think. We had some great soft, steady rain yesterday and today and I think that will help.

I did get bored without the computer. I ended up painting Dan and Andy’s room – honestly, audiobooks and the IPod are the best inventions ever! About four years ago I let Dan pick a color to paint his room. Lesson learned – add a few caveats to such offers. He picked the single most hideous shade of green and I have been cringing ever since. This time, we worked together. I can’t say I would have chosen the color Dan and Andy picked, but it looks pretty cool – it’s a cross between Campbell’s tomato soup and a chili pepper.

Added bonus, after clearing out their room, Dan and Andy voluntarily were tossing things. We ended up moving some of the furniture from Mike’s and my bedroom to their room and moving some old stuff out. End result, two bedrooms that are seriously clean and clutter free. Ian and Tim’s room is our next target!

While clearing out the boys room, I was inspired to clean/clear our screened in porch – my favorite place this time of year. The effect was so nice we had some neighbors over for snacks and drinks and a general celebration of my picking up 80000 lego pieces and finding them homes. As the neighbors all live with their own collections of 1000s of Legos, I was able to bask in the glory of short-lived triumph!

So, I’m back and ready to face the world again (just please everyone be nice to each other, ok?). Menus are planned, garden is good, the house is as clean as it gets and I’ve got a good fresh perspective.

Prom pictures tomorrow, I promise. They looked so young and perfect. You know, in the way you can only look young and perfect when you’re 17-18. Stay tuned!

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