What do you remember about your prom?

Here are Dan and “the-girl-that-is-a-friend” at the prom. I think they are beautiful and glorious. But, I know them and love them. Still, though, aren’t they just so young and perfect?

There are a million pictures, but I really love the goofy one best of all. Gorgeous as they are, they don’t take themselves too seriously. (But, don’t you just love her dress?)

They worked hard to have the evening and they had a really wonderful time and I’m glad.

Me? What do I remember about my prom? I remember getting my hair done for the prom. (This was the 80’s big hair though I’d spent my whole life trying to have Marcia Brady hair) I remember walking home with hair that made me 5′ 11″ at a minimum (my license has me covered at 5’6″ lol) and crying and crying – it was a long walk up hill all the way, but no snow … I was WAY too invested in the prom … my mom fixed my hair and I went on to have a really great night – a wholesome, fun night. LOL Despite living in the state of Bruce Springsteen . . .

8 thoughts on “What do you remember about your prom?

  1. I went my sophomore year with my senior boyfriend (head drum major, I was like Band First Lady!). Big feathered hair. Gunny Sax-knock off dress. he had a white tux with tails, a top hat and a cane. Drove a red-orange 56 Chevy with a brown fake fur interior. Even on the ceiling. We went to a proper dinner, but then a bunch of us went to McDonalds. I had brought a picnic basket with actual china and fancy glasses and a table cloth. We set up and an employee actually came over with an order pad (where on earth did they get that?) and took our orders tableside. Strawberry shake in the champagne flute. Total hoot. I remember not one single moment from the actual dance.

    Senior year,went from 70s to 80s look. Princess Di bob, huge ass dress with a hoop skirt. Mostly I recall that everyone was stunned by my date and I b/c they thought we were just buddies. And I asked for a nosegay instead of a wrist corsage, and we snickered about “nosegay” for the whole night. So I've changed little, it seems…

  2. I love the color of her dress. Wow! They look adorable! My prom is something I would like to forget. Let's just say the high school boyfriend was not the most respectable person in the school. Nothing bad happened, just can't believe I was with HIM. Blech!

  3. Great pictures, and yes, they're truly lovely. Both of them.

    Nice to see you back.

    My prom was boring. The dinner before and the school sanctioned/planned activities after were a LOT more fun.

    I always just snicker when someone asks me in tones of horror when they find out I homeschooled 'but what about the prom?'

  4. They look so wonderful! Love the goofy picture!

    How did I not know that you were from Jersey, too? Huh.

    I went to both the Jr. and Sr. prom with the same guy (had the same color dress as friend-who-is-a-girl's for my sr. prom, actually). He was the Valedictorian and I, well, wasn't. 🙂 LOL! Best memory from both was sleeping at a girlfriend's house after both proms then going out all day with my friends the next day (Great Adventure one year and the beach another). Worst memory was getting my nails done before the Sr. Prom and when the nail person trimmed one of my cuticles it started to bleed so she poured rubbing alcohol on it. The pain was so intense and it was so hot in that place that I passed out cold! I woke up with my friend John leaning over me asking me if I was okay. He had his EMT jumper on, but it was unzipped and his tux was on underneath! I was so embarrassed.

    I can't believe you have kids old enough for prom… not too much longer for me. I hope I handle it was well as you did, but I'll probably be a wreck.

  5. My junior prom I went with a friend who promptly left me at the prom to go see his girlfriend that he had broken up with but was still pining away for.

    That was fun, and not at all awkward.

    My senior prom was much better.:-)

  6. I went with a friend, because he & I had split up with our respective girlfriend/boyfriend. While everyone was wearing huge “Gone with the Wind” Southern Belle gowns, I was in a to-the-knee, off one shoulder black dress. I was awesome, if I do say so myself. Everyone loved the dress, including “guy I really wanted to go with” who whispered to me that he would have loved to take me if he had been single, cause I was the best looking one of the group. The beautiful cad. *sigh*

  7. Isn't it funny what we all remember?

    Deana – I love that you haven't grown up – probably you were too grown up in high school and now you're just catching up. Though, nosegay is ALWAYS funny.

    Tutor – we went to Great Adventure after our prom too. I didn't know you were a Jersey girl, what exit? I was in Maplewood – Essex County and no clue what exit.

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