Latin is still funny sometimes . . .

Ian and Tim are finishing up their last year of Latin. They’ve been studying Latin since the fourth grade and opted to use an additional two years of Latin as their high school language requirement. To be completely honest, it’s been a painful past two years (Dan finished up last year). I’ve had to study way more than I would have liked. We’ve gone far enough to be in pretty obscure territory. But we trudge on.

Today, though, as Ian and Tim were working through their lesson, I heard them laughing and laughing more and then Andy joined in and it became ridiculous laughing. (I guess I should be glad Dan was not home to contribute; it could have been much worse.)

The source? A picture from their Latin book. We’re using Henle Latin II this year. The picture is above.

Pretend you’re 16 and look at that picture. Ian and Tim were rolling on the floor at a boy with a knife, a bat and two snakes in a jar. They named him Fox “News Alert” Smith. (So much for my news break, huh?) Anyway, they and Andy agreed that this boy would have been tackled, smothered in a tarp and possibly tasered for carrying all that gear in 2010.

Poor Father Henle was probably rolling in his grave. We live in a strange world, don’t we?

7 thoughts on “Latin is still funny sometimes . . .

  1. A knife? Oh my GOD! Heehee. That picture brings me back to the old days when I was in school in the 60's!

    OK, seriously, “redistif” was my word verification. Um… not gonna say a thing!

  2. Hey, I'm just glad to hear that it IS possible to make it through that many years of Latin. Gives me hope for my boys.

    –Kay in Cal

  3. Andrew keeps saying he wants to learn Greek – he'll be in 4th next year. I was thinking of starting with Latin. So…any suggestions on how to start him? What has been successful for your kids? Because, frankly, I'm scared. Very scared.

  4. Lisa, I have always used the Latin Primer series followed by Henle. Mainly I used these because they were recommended and affordable 10 years ago. There are a lot of new programs now that are worth looking into. You might want to visit the forums and check out some of the reviews there.

    Whatever you choose, it's not hard or scary! I promise.

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