Lost day . . . sort of.

Andy woke up early, early, early this morning with stomach troubles. Poor guy. I hate stomach stuff, there’s simply not much you can do as a mom to alleviate the misery short of wiping off their faces and using that “nice mom” voice we all have deep inside. Honestly, though, what’s to do but wait it out? Sorry kid.

Oddly enough, on Sunday night, as I finished painting Andy and Dan’s room and we were all moving furniture back and forth. I love this kind of thing. Mike hates it. Mike would be happy if everything just sank into the ground where it is, but he was a trooper.

We moved an armoire from our bedroom to Andy and Dan’s bedroom. It made more sense for them to have it. Before moving it, we unloaded a GIANT stack of VHS tapes. The boys were so funny! “I haven’t seen this since I was 8.”  lol  Of course we didn’t have a working VCR and the boys had mostly outgrown (or so I thought) our VHS tapes.

We stopped at Goodwill in search of a lampshade on Monday evening and Andy was excited to find a VCR for $6. We bought it. Lo and behold it worked. Today, while Andy was sick he watched for the first time since he was about three A Bug’s Life, Babe and Toy Story. And, to be honest, we all stopped and watched too. $6 well-spent. 

It’s nearly 3:30 am now and Andy has not been up in the last 90 minutes – I think the bug has run it’s course. Added bonus, no one else seems sick! Night everyone.

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