Insert cliche here

They’re all true … time flies, honey is better than vinegar, the grass IS greener, little pitchers?  well, you know.   The busier you are – the more people will ask you  to do,  and on and on and on … feel free to add your own favorite true cliche to the comments!

Busy here.  Nothing terribly interesting (aside from the BABY tomatoes in the garden!) … but  I rarely go so long without putting something up.  If I keep this up I’ll lose my lucrative blogging salary and have to change my life.  In the meantime, stick with me, guys, things here are due to slow down soon and then you’ll be really sick of us.

One thought on “Insert cliche here

  1. I keep checking each morning – you, along with a hot cuppa tea, are part of my morning tradition. When you have no new post up, it throws me off my game for the day. So – no pressure 😉

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