Good news and how to tame your inner control-freak . . .

or not.

The parents of Andy’s best friend in the whole world have been working to adopt another little boy for years.  It’s been uplifting and heartbreaking in turns … FINALLY, it’s final.  Andy’s best friend is officially a big brother.  I get weepy just thinking about it – exciting stuff here in the neighborhood.  (Pass the tissues – this is a BIG deal.)

Little brother arrives next weekend.  In the ensuing week, our neighbors are facing rearranging their house in some serious ways.  God help them, I’m their neighbor.  I LOVE rearranging houses and making space – it’s what I’ve been doing here for years and years.  However, aside from offering help, my stressing over their space borders on the insane and creepy.  Mike has been telling me for years that normal people do not stay up all night doing this stuff and I’m trying to accept it.  And, I’ll acknowledge that it would be weird for me to be creeping around their house while they all sleep.  But . . . wahhhh!  I’m excited for them and it’s not like they asked me for a recipe or something.  I actually like doing this kind of thing.  At the same time, I want to remain friends with our neighbors.  They’re not shy.  If they want my help, they’ll ask.  They made a HUGE HUGE HUGE start this weekend and I’m sure they’ll work it out. 

Buh, buh, buh, I want containers and empty shelves and all of that.  Yes, I am insane.  I cannot even describe how much fun I have sorting stuff into piles and putting it all in its place.  But, then I don’t want to scare my friends and neighbors away.  To stave off my insanity,  I’ve been baking bread, cleaning out the kitchen drawers and organizing the fridge and freezers this evening.  Yep.  Me.  Your sane, yet helpful, neighbor. 

Repeat to self:  I will NOT go paint the neighbor’s house while they sleep.  Odds are they will be more creeped out than pleasantly surprised.  Right?  😉

Mostly, though, I’m so excited to see this family add a great new little person.  Whether his closet is organized or his walls painted, it’s all going to work out fine.  We’ve all gotten to know him here and I think it’s fair to say all four of my boys are even MORE excited than I am!  (I can always paint Scout’s toenails if things get really pathetic on our side of the street!) The neighbors are going to have so much fun over the next decade or so!   We’re all truly happy for them. 

7 thoughts on “Good news and how to tame your inner control-freak . . .

  1. LMAO. Amy, you & I are so alike in so many ways. I love organizing. But listen, I'm kinda busy & baseball is killing me. I've started (we have almost filled an 8×20 storage unit) but my parts of the house still need decluttering. The realtor will be here on Thursday to sign the papers to put the house on the market. Do you think you can be here & done by then ? Oh ya, he wanted Kam & Jake's rooms painted by then too. LOL.

  2. Oh Amy. You really, really need a vacation in Maryland. Really. I will even make a kid sleep on the floor so you can have a bed. not that you sleep.

  3. Woo hoo for your neighbor's new kiddo! And if you need something to keep you occupied, there's a certain house I know of in Ohio that is in major need of an organizationally gifted person, but we won't mention who lives in it…
    You found something to blog about that won't embarrass your kids, too! You were so stressed out about that the last post! 😉

  4. Woo hoo…I am so happy for your neighbors. Will there be a “little brother shower” (he isn't an infant, right?).

    Can you post the link where you explain yogurt making? Are you still doing that? Have you ever made it greek style?

  5. Woohoo! Ladies, you're out of luck. Amy's comin' to MY HOUSE this week and I can supply all the shelves and storage containers she needs to get us straightened out!

    Can't wait to see you Amy, I'll fetch beer or wine so you don't have to interrupt your thought process (aka obsessing!).

    I am so excited for your neighbors, I know they've been wanting this forever.

    Love you,

  6. It's true, I'll be in Raleigh all weekend … 😉 I wish I could take my neuroses on the road, though – so many fun places to visit and organize. Someone buy me a bus!

    Claire, I will find the yogurt post. My yogurt is kind of hit or miss – mostly creamy, but every now and then I hit on the Greek yogurt texture and I can never figure out what I did different. I wish I could because I LOVE it so much.

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