Road Trip!!!!

Sorry to be gone for so long – sometimes life just happens and there’s not a handy computer, ya know?

Wednesday night, Mike dropped Andy and me off at my parents’ house. We were packed up and ready to head to Raleigh to see my sister and her family for my niece’s first communion. It was strange how my mom, my older sons and Mike had other commitments that allowed me, Andy and my dad to hit the road on our first ever road trip!I don’t know that I have spent that much time with just my dad since I was about 15. Aside from the getting up while it was still dark and foggy; we had a blast.

It was a little strange to come out of my bedroom to see Andy and my dad sitting side-by-side, drinking their coffee and reading different sections of the paper silently. Truth-be-told, Andy IS the grown up in our family. He and my dad just crack me up. Theirs is a circle of two and I feel lucky to sit on the outside looking in.

It’s a 9-10 hour drive. My dad drove most of it (his car and he has an actual sense of direction), but I drove for a few hours in the middle. My dad warned me about speeding, but I ignored him (1 – because I’m a slow driver and 2 – I was channeling my inner teenager). Oops. I’m used to the clunky old Suburban. My dad actually punched me in the arm as I was casually approaching 90 mph. I relinquished the keys not long after. It was WAY fun while it lasted, though.

Andy was so excited to see his cousins on the way up we didn’t even listen to our audiobook. Instead, my dad and Andy hurled empty water bottles at each other and Andy worked the GPS thingie. I didn’t really get it, but they had fun. However, after 600 miles of Andy announcing things every two miles, my dad and I were both WAY too happy to see Lynne and to learn that she had plenty of wine in her house.

My sister has been in her current house and location for two years, but this was my first visit. Can you all say house/location envy? It’s so beautiful in Raleigh and Lynne’s house is amazing. We all had a wonderful time. I am astoundingly exhausted now that we’re home, though. The story of the nekkid mannequin will have to wait. Like always, I’m living on the edge, beating security guards and the police by a hair!

I have pictures too – I think, but the camera is in Andy’s room and I’m not going to risk waking him right now, you all will have to be patient. Picture ginourmous trees, a lovely cold front, and an excellent deck. Book your vacation at my sister’s early – spots are running out. Definitely order the spaghetti and meatballs while you visit.

More details tomorrow – I need some sleep!

3 thoughts on “Road Trip!!!!

  1. It's wonderful that you and your dad have such a good relationship! My dad and I get along, but lets just say taking a road trip, alone, (or nearly so) would not be the best experience.

    Glad you're back!

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