Random stuff . . .

We are scrambling to close up the end of the 2009-2010 school year.  This completes our 10th year of homeschooling.  (I know, I ask myself the same question . . . How DO I stay so young looking? All I can say is that it has to do with what I learned those first couple of years mummifying fryer chickens . . .  I’m looking for a book contract and a line of mummified cosmetics in the near future.)  I never, ever thought we would go this far.  And, though I joke about it, I think the possibility of the boys digging a basement to live in forever are remotely slim – haven’t ruled it out, but it seems less of a possibility –  and I think they might even be overqualified to be greeters at WalMart.  No promises, but I’m starting to get a little optimistic. 

Random stuff that I have to get out of my system:

1) What my mom did while Dad, Andy and I were traveling.  I don’t know about you, but I’m so jealous and envious and excited that she did it.  I am happy enough to see this picture that I will not mention my mom and her friend, Chelle, forgetting to wear silk scarves.  Nope.  I will NOT say a word about the lack of scarves. 

2)  Checking this item off the list of things I’ve never seen . . . We went to Walmart the day before our road trip.  I had to return some items (namely pants that did not fit Andy, pants that did not fit Danny and a couple of shirts that did not fit Andy).  At Walmart, if you are returning things, the greeter has to scan and tag the items before you can go any further into the store.  Fine.  As usual, the greeter was a woman in her late 70’s/early 80’s (like I’m any judge, but she looked really old).  She had lots of jewelry and her nails were all decorated. She was a delightful little person.  It was only as she started scanning my bag o’ stuff that I noticed her thumbs.  Instead of one top joint of a thumb, she had two – complete with the long nails and the gold polish.  It was like meeting Anne Boyelyn or something.  The lady was clearly fine with it and after first glance it wasn’t that strange.  But that first glance was a doozy. 

When we got in line to return the stuff, a woman on one of those scooters pulled up behind me.  I didn’t really get a look at her, but she had three funny little kids running wild (in the way OTHER people’s kids can be funny) and I noticed them.  It was only as we finished our transaction that I noticed the seahorses tattooed beneath the corner of each of her eyes.  WHY?  Why did she think that was a good idea? 

3)  When Mike was driving Andy and me to my parents’ the night before our road trip, we listened to the local traffic and news as we were driving.  Oddly enough, the older boys all decided to join us at the last minute so we had a full car.  No one was paying much attention until the story about Angel, the stripper, who hired Dantay and Dontay, friends of hers who are twins, to kill her boyfriend.  Honestly, can you make this stuff up?  And while I will not deny the parents of twins the right to name their kids Don/Ron or Heather/Pleather . . . did the mother of these two young men have NO friends to warn her of the stupidity of their names?  I don’t think we need a law, just more honest friends and family members!  😉

4) Neighbor news!  Andy’s best friend is officially a big brother!  The little guy is here to stay.  He’s already come over (he’s 4) twice to see if Tim could play.  And, one of the things I love about Tim, he could play – not for long, but he jumped right in.  I’m so happy and excited for this family.  I’m sure there will be hurdles and challenges in the next few months, but they are most definitely a great family and they will conquer anything that comes their way!

Other neighbors, the young, cute ones (lol) . . . stopped by this afternoon to let us know that they are having twin girls!  At 18 weeks the babies are healthy and perfect and my neighbor looks radiant (funny how good you can look and feel when you finally stop barfing every 15 minutes). 

Exciting stuff all around here – I just love it. 

4)  Garden news – plucked our first beans and peppers this afternoon.  Not much, but enough to make me pat myself on the back and sing the “He’s Not Yet Dead” song from Monty Python.  Lots of wee cucumbers, zucchinis, tomatoes and other stuff starting to show too.  Phrases.  Lots.  Done with grammar for the year. 

Are we.

2 thoughts on “Random stuff . . .

  1. Ah, nice to see you in your groove and happy, gal. Congrats on the garden food. I just cooked up some greens from mine. I have PEANUTS growing!

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