Hmmm . . . bragging rights . . .

I never really thought about it, but lately, it’s occurring to me that you actually reach a point where you can’t brag on your kids because you actually had nothing to do with what they’ve achieved beyond raising them.  Weird, huh?  It’s a long way from cheering when they learn to use the potty.

This past weekend, Dan received his second-degree black belt in tae kwon  do.  I know all schools are different.  In the  school the boys have been at since forever, this is a HUGE thing.

To top that off, he executed and completed his Eagle Scout project.  He’s been working on the project for months, but this weekend was the culmination.  He had about 30 volunteers  come out to help him and it was really something to see him in charge of such a large project.  Mike and I are so proud of him!                   

Another thing I had absolutely nothing to do with but that I will shamelessly brag about . . . Tim and Mike ran their first 5K together this weekend.  Mike was funny when they came home.  He lost Tim early in the race and spent a lot of time looking back searching for Tim.  Imagine Mike’s delight and surprise to find Tim eating a snack, not even sweating and waiting for him at the finish line!  It was Tim’s first official race and he placed third in his age group!  And, Mike finished!!!!

Anyway, you’ll have to endure some bragging before they all finish growing up and leave me I guess.   

(That’s Ian and Dan on the right – picture taken by Tim – can you tell they’re related?)

4 thoughts on “Hmmm . . . bragging rights . . .

  1. Congratulations to Dan for completing his Eagle Scout project. That is a really big deal and not every scout goes that far.

    The black belt isn't too shabby either.

    What great kids you've got!

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