Where did this week disappear?

Once again, I find myself amazed at how much work it is to tie up another school year completely.   With each passing year I find it harder and harder not to blow off the last few weeks of May.   But, despite being done with our “official” evaluations for the year (thanks Jay and Claire!), we’re sticking it out to the end. 

Dan is discovering life as a pseudo-adult isn’t as fun as he thought.  He’s digging the regular pay check, but is finding winding his life around summer school, work, tae kwon do obligations and sometimes sleeping is not all it’s cracked up to be.  He seems to be getting the hang of managing his time in the real world, though.  Tivo and Facebook and cell phones make managing time a lot more difficult for teens than it was when I was that age.  The options to waste hours and hours and hours simply weren’t there when I was 17.  Hell, our phone was actually attached to the wall – in the middle of the house!  (Someone remind me to tell Dan about how I used to have to walk barefoot, uphill in snowstorms to get to and from school.)

I’ve been spending a lot of time sitting with Scout.  I can’t pinpoint it, but she’s weird and confused these days.  It just kills me to see her getting so old.  Overall, she’s really healthy.  She’s just old and achy and sometimes forgets why she came into a room or why she begged to be let outside.  I understand it all too much.  So, in the evenings, she and I sit on the porch – away from the general chaos that is my house. She dozes, I knit and we listen to a book on tape.  Sometimes I doze and she knits – it all depends on how Scout’s opposable thumbs are feeling.

We just finished a librivox.org recording of Wilkie Collins “No Name.”  It was a hoot. Not the most professional of readings, but one of the ones that made me smile so many times as we listened.  One,  I think Wilkie Collins (of Woman in White fame) is a hoot.  It’s campy Jane Eyre.  Two, I love that so many different people volunteer their time to read chapters of these books.  I especially love books that combine multiple people with multiple accents (Chicago to India in this case) to achieve their goal.  It’s not like listening to someone like Jim Dale (Harry Potter) but it’s just as much fun.  Scout agrees. 

Andy suggested this afternoon that perhaps I over-planted the garden.  He might be on to something – it’s getting a bit unwieldy!  But, I’m willing to see it through to the end.  I think our neighbors might ending up hiding from us in a few months as we try to distribute loaves and loaves of zucchini bread and even more jars of pickles.  But that’s OK – we outnumber most of the neighbors and will patiently stalk them until they cannot refuse the bounty of our garden.  I’ve found it especially effective to stick a couple of grape tomatoes in the back of my cheeks when I speak to the neighbors.  It worked for Marlon Brando, right?

OK – nothing new here, but I wanted to check in and say hi!  How are you all doing?

2 thoughts on “Whew!

  1. Hey, thanks for the librivox tip! It has long been a dream to record books (see? I literally like to hear myself talk) AND I like having books to listen to.

  2. Oooo – if you do it let me know, Deana! You have a good voice for it. I think Claire should record a book as well. I wish I had a good reading voice, but :::sigh::: my talents are absolutely NOT vocal.

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