Forget the boat

I think we’re just going to have to get a bigger ocean.  I don’t know there’s a boat big enough after our trip to the beach yesterday!

We finally found a day where no one had to be anywhere and nothing pressing had to be done around the house.  We grabbed my mom, loaded up the car and hit the beach.  As always, The Canaveral National Seashore was gorgeous and nearly empty.   We were sharing the beach with two fishermen who were off to our left.

The boys were in the water as soon as we’d unloaded the car.  My mom and I sat and talked and watched the fisherman and commented on how many boats seemed to be out in the deep water.  It was beautiful, hot, but still beautiful.  The heat got to us and we joined the boys in the water.  Still beautiful.

We went back up to the blanket to read and eat lunch.  The boys stayed in the water.  I looked up from my book and noticed one of the fishermen gesturing at my mom and me.  Out in the water (about the same distance from shore as Danny was with his surf board) – there was a GIANT black fin.  At first my mom and I squealed thinking it was a dolphin.  When the fisherman started gesturing in the direction of the boys, we stopped squealing.  The fin was fast and going in circles (cue music).

The boys came in and we watched the fin.  Clearly, the fishermen, were using something tasty for bait.  They had been catching large fish all morning.  I guess the sharks caught on.  I guess they’ve never seen Finding Nemo – “Fish are friends, not food.”

We kept the boys out of the water despite their protests.  Seriously, they could not understand my concern.  This shark was easily 6-8 long.  Sure, Dan, just be sure to rub yourself with some of that lard before you get back on your surf board.  Gah!!!

After an hour or so, the fin was gone, the fishermen were packing up their gear and we told the boys it was ok to go back into the water.  No sooner had Dan stood up on a wave and the black fin was back.  Waahhh!!!!!!!

That’s  when we decided to head home.  It might be a little bit before we head back to the beach.  I’ll need to find some sort of shark repellant.  I’ve ordered Jaws from Netflix.  Clearly the boys need a refresher on the dangers of swimming with sharks.

During our time out of the water, I managed to get this cute picture of my mom and the boys.  (I sooooooo need to get  a new camera.  When I see the pictures, I picture a tiny Flintstone’s dinosaur chiseling a photo using dots sitting inside my camera.)

7 thoughts on “Forget the boat

  1. Holy. Cow. That would be my last trip to the ocean ever. I am a Great Lakes girl. I like to see the bottom of the water and KNOW there are no sharks. GAH! I have a hard enough time believing the rocks aren't coming up to get us. I just can't get used to this ocean thing, and I've lived in NC for 12 years now. Why don't you bring your boys to the U.P. this summer? Your mom is welcome too. No sharks. No jellyfish. Good times!

  2. We used to go to the beach every week, sometimes twice a week. Then we had a day like yours with several sharks, big ones, and a really cool ray that I missed, but everyone saw! My back was to the water at the time! Know what? That sort of put me off the beach for a while.

  3. You seem REALLY calm! All the time we spent at the beach in Hawaii we never saw a shark!

    I still want to be stationed in Florida but we will just have to rent a house with a pool!!

  4. Ah. My knees are achy and tingly, just reading it. The last time we were at the beach, we kept getting buzzed by pelicans and there were two schools of stingray doing laps through our area. There were fins, but I told myself they were dolphins. The boys think it was the best. trip. ever. Me? Yeah, it'll be a while before we go back. At least until Jase grows that part of your brain that tells you to listen to your mother, even if you do think she's nuts.

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