Still growing . . .

Sorry, if you’re bored with garden pictures . . . but, I just can’t believe how well things are growing.  I’ve never had such good luck with a garden.  I’m sure this is a sure sign that an early hurricane will be coming our way soon.  In the meantime, I’ll keep taking pictures . . .

Morning Glory

The Garden




3 thoughts on “Still growing . . .

  1. Morning glory? You planted that …on PURPOSE???? It will take over the yard! The neighborhood!!! The state of Florida!!!!!

    OK – I am still pulling up morning glory plantlets that sprout each year and I took down the durn mother plant FIVE years ago – it was choking the life out of everything else(maybe it thought it was kudzu?)

  2. I love morning glory…well contained, like bamboo.

    Gorgeous. So weird to see food growing already, I've got wee little stunty things.

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