Bad haircut?

When I get my haircut, it’s usually unpleasant and the people who live here have learned to say nothing.  But sometimes, it’s good.  Unfortunately, the people who live here are conditioned to not notice.  My point being . . . did anyone notice the new look of the blog?  If you noticed and you hate it, thank you for not sharing.  I was sure someone would have something to say.

Good news, as of tomorrow, Ian and Tim finish their online chemistry class and I regain the computer.  I am so behind on my blog reading list and my “imaginary” friendships, and I’m looking forward to catching up.  In the past, I’ve been adamantly opposed to the kids having tv’s, cable or internet in their rooms.  It just feels like too much freedom and too much potential for creepy stuff – not to mention, I’m lazy, if i don’t hear them or see them, I tend to zone out, making way for the creepy even easier!  Keeping our tv and the computer in the center of the house has worked really well for us. 

Now, though, with the older three all taking classes at the local college this fall, I might have to rethink the internet thing.   This past school year has been contentious and painful in regards to computer usage.  I think over the summer, I will just suck it up and network our computers.  It’s not like anyone in this house has any privacy – Mike and I don’t, the boys sure don’t, in fact, I think Scout (the dog) manages her privacy better than any of us!  The boys share rooms.  They are all close, but they are all very different.  At this point, I think I just have to trust them.  (Not Andy just yet, but the older ones.) 

I hate the thought of becoming one of those families where everyone has their own laptop in their own room and everyone is watching a different movie in their own room and no one ever talks to each other – because they’re eating their own take-out while sitting in their own space.  Up until now, the whole “middle of the house” thing has worked really well for us.  I’m hoping we’ve been doing the whole “family” thing long enough that it will stick  and we won’t become a house-divided.  Cross your fingers!

3 thoughts on “Bad haircut?

  1. I didn't mention the change to your blog's look because I hadn't seen it before just now… I also hadn't seen the old layout, so I oculdn't compare. 🙂 I read my “regular” blogs through a blog reader, so all I see is post content.

  2. Hey Amy, the blog looks grand.
    I feel your pain, our eldest needs a computer for her BJU dvds and dh needs his for work so I just hooked them up to my wireless and added the free K9 filter to all the computers.

  3. Computers are my husbands job so we've had the kids hooked up since before we had broadband! What can I say? It worked for us and they have grown up to be really nice adults! (weird feeling having adults and not “children”)I understand your concerns though and I did hover quite a bit. My daughter and I talked all the time and she never kept stuff from me. My son, who knows?

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