Crunchy and tired . . .

Long day here . . . we wrapped up the last bits of school this morning, then we hit the road to shop.  Stoopid boys keep growing . . . Shopping was not nearly as painful as I’d anticipated (Old Navy is having a great sale right now) . . . we came home to drop off Dan, Ian and Andy and Tim and I headed to the DMV.

Yes, Tim finally did his online classes and is qualified to get a learner’s permit.  Except Tim is part of our family.  As part of our family, it’s a rule that you can never just breeze through a DMV experience.  Ever. 

We showed up in time for our appointment, had all our documents in order, the lady took  Tim’s picture after he passed the eye exam, Tim signed the organ donor card, I was writing the check to pay for it all when suddenly the world  stood still.  In verifying that Tim took and passed the online tests, there was no record of him in the system.  Gah.  On a different day, I would have stayed to battle it out, but Dan had to go to work and he needed the car.  Once home, I called the testing company and after a painful  45 minutes we worked out the glitch – for a mere $25!  Double gah.  Somewhere along the line we made a mistake.  Our fault, we need to suck it up and move on. 

So it seems that Tim and I will be headed to the DMV sometime next week and I will add another student driver to my roster.  Send valium.  As I was explaining this all to Mike this evening, I realized that I have spent quality time at the DMV EIGHT times in the past two years.  This is wrong and unfair.

Tonight, after a wonderful happy hour at the neighbor’s pool, I came home to bake bread, make yogurt and slice up the first garden cucumber for refrigerator pickles.  I feel so wholesome I could just spit.  But after the rest of the day, I think I’ll just go to bed.  I’m tired, tired, tired.

How was your Friday?

4 thoughts on “Crunchy and tired . . .

  1. I went to the MD DMV last year b/c I had a NC license. I thought I had everything I needed. The woman insisted she needed my marriage license! She said they needed to know why my name on my birth certificate was different than the name on my license. Duh! 19 years and I needed it once – to change my SS card – which I had with me. I finally found it – went back a week later and they never asked for it!!!!

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