And, from the world of the hyperactive . . .

I bring you Saturday night! 

This afternoon we attended the birthday party of our neighbors’ newly adopted son.  He turned five.  I keep forgetting to ask permission to put his picture here, so just imagine a totally cute spikey-haired little boy.  During the adoption process, Ian and Tim both were sitters for him on various days.  This kid adores Ian and Tim and was so happy when they showed up in time to swim and have cake at his party.  For their part, Ian and Tim treat him just like another brother.  It was a really happy, fun day. 

Everyone pooped out around 7.  The older boys had plans to see a movie.  Andy and Mike were completely exhausted from swimming for hours and hours.  And there I was.  Not pooped.  So, I grabbed my I-pod and started listening to Peter and the Starcatchers and weeding the garden.  What a funny, funny book!!!!  I’m really enjoying it. 

When it got too dark to garden and the boys had left for their movie, I was left alone.  Mike and Andy were both headed to bed.  The laundry, strangely, was caught up . . . Finally, I decided to watch The Godfather – I love this movie and haven’t watched it in about a year – and organize the dreaded spice/junk cabinet.  And, because I’m the only one who cares about this kind of thing, I’m sharing pictures with all of you. 

I resized a bunch of shipping boxes, covered them with scrapbook paper and got to work.  The true test will be Mike cooking tomorrow night.  If the new organization survives that, I will be satisfied.  I sorted the spices into most and least used (and, yes, sigh, I did alphabetize them).  I made a separate section for hot sauce – it’s kind of a hobby here.  I organized our “drugs” into daily use (allergy/vitamin/aspirin), really sick (cough medicine/nyquil/etc) and first aid (bandaids/antibiotic ointment/calamine lotion/etc).  I even carved out a niche for my tea stash (I could quit anytime, you know).  Not exciting, but satisfying.

Here’s a pick of what I pulled out of the garden this afternoon.  Aren’t the tomatoes cute?  I’m sure at some point I’ll get sick of taking garden pictures, but today is not the day. 

And, finally, here is a picture of Andy’s end of the year history project.  It’s not done yet, but I think he’s off to a great start.  It’s a collage of the 20th century – all things NOT conflict related lol.  It’s been a rough year for history and I thought ending with some hula-hoops and space ships was a good way to go.  (I knew we’d hit a breaking point when Andy was in tears trying to write about Indira Ghandi – gah!  I’m about nothing if not overkill.  How many 10 year olds even know who Indira Ghandi was, much less take the time to weep over an essay?  My bad.)

4 thoughts on “And, from the world of the hyperactive . . .

  1. Your kitchen makes me cry every time I see it. I WANT that mosaic. but I do not want to have to DO it…

    Hope your cabinet stays tidy longer than mine does.

  2. Awesome cabinet redo! I need to do that one of these days!

    Mario Puzo, the guy who wrote The Godfather, lived near me. I went to school with his son, Joe. He drove a brand new Camaro. What a surprise!

  3. I wish you could come over to my house.
    I've not felt like doing much of anything for quite awhile.

    Your job would be one of a few things… can't decide which one.

    You could motivate me by bouncing around doing stuff, thereby making me feel guilty for doing nothing.

    You could cheer me on by yelling out positive phrases like, 'You can DO it!'

    Or, you could just go with me when I go shopping at Goodwill, hang out with kids at my job, hang out with MY kids…

    Or we could watch movies, eat chocolate and bond.

    Which one would you choose?

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