Oooo look a butterfly!

In light of my bizarre blogging patterns lately, I figured I’d sit down and offer an explanation.  Once again, I am trying to quit smoking.  It’s actually going very well thanks to my new friend, the e-cigarette.  From way, way too many packs a week, I’m down to just over one pack every 10 days or so.  Short of me getting pregnant, this is HUGE. I’m surprised at how good I feel.  I see all you never-smoked-folk rolling your eyes and saying “Doh!” But, there’s no explaining it to the likes of you.  (big grin) Anyway, short explanation, I currently have the attention span of a gnat.

I’ve tried to quit so many times, and nothing has worked – not hypnosis, not the patch, not the prescription pills, not cold turkey, not the gum –  lather, rinse, repeat.  This is actually working.  I’m not shrieking or crying or hiding under my bed sucking my thumb.  I’m using the e-cig and a combination of things I’ve learned from past attempts and I’m doing it slowly.  I don’t do much slowly, but this seems to be the way to go.

The downside is that I’m finding the need to change up how I do everything – including computer time.  It’s weird.  Kind of fun, but weird.  I imagine this need to be constantly moving will pass and life will become semi-normal (at least for us) again.  In the meantime, you’ll all have to deal with sporadic posts and my family will have to deal with me cleaning and moving everything in the house.  Eh, it seems like a fair trade to me. 

So, please hang in there with me and light a candle or dance in your bathing suit under the full moon (this doesn’t seem big enough to require full nudity) or just say a little prayer that I can keep this up! 

In the meantime, I’m available to paint your house, rearrange your furniture, clean the kids’ rooms or all of the above.  My only stipulation is that your family never ever use the “m-word” and that you do not keep chickens or pet birds on or near your property.  Those two things will for sure have me hiding under your bed, sucking my thumb and NEVER leaving your house. 

7 thoughts on “Oooo look a butterfly!

  1. Please tell me the chickens won't keep you from coming one day! They will stay down by the barn, and we can stay up on the balcony. It's a long, long distance!

    (And I could use some help w/ the home decoration. Seriously. Oy!)

  2. Go Amy! Go Amy! Go Amy!

    Been there and know what you're talking about. I was amazed at the sense of freedom. And that was when cigs were $1.80 a pack!

    Keep up the good work.

  3. Wow! I have never smoked, well, cigarettes anyway, but I saw my mom go through the quitting process when she was 65! She had smoked for 50 years! It was tough for sure and she went on an emotional roller coaster ride for a while, but she's fine now! She can't stand the smell of cigarette smoke.

    MUCH luck to you and it's awesome that you are doing this!

  4. Yay, Amy! You can do it! I once never imagined a day without a cigarette, yet I'm seven years on the other side now. 🙂

    Best wishes!

  5. YOU KNOW we don't do the 'm-word' here; except when they are trying to annoy me. AND I don't do birds.

    Sooooooo, feel free to come organize and paint all you wish. I'll even permit crazy colors 🙂


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