Super Sunday

I stayed up late last night, knowing that none of the boys had to be anywhere in the morning and that even if they did, Mike would be home.  Really late was I up, as Yoda would say.  And then, poof, at 9 am my eyes were open and there was no going back to sleep.  To give you a clue as to how unusual this is for me, Mike immediately hopped up from his coffee and paper to ask me what was wrong, who was sick, why was I up when I ventured out into the kitchen.  Sad, but true.

I found something to read and something to drink and moved out to the porch to contemplate things.  Ian had plans to go golfing with my dad in the afternoon.  He and my dad golfed regularly for about a year or so until Ian’s allergies got so bad he had to quit. That was about 3-4 years ago.  I don’t know if the meds he’s taking now work better or if he’s outgrowing the allergies, but the allergies are no longer an issue.  He was so excited to get back out there today.  My dad?  Pretty much my dad golfs therefore he lives. He’s thrilled to share his love of the game. He even let Ian drive the golf cart.  Changes, Ian is only an inch or three shorter than my dad (who’s 6’3″) – when Ian last golfed, he had wee shaved down clubs.  Today he was using my dad’s clubs with no problem.  Wah! 

While I was sitting and thinking (you know how those early mornings go) it occurred to me that I could drive Ian to my parents’ house and actually visit with my mom.  I called to see if my mom had plans.  She laughed and said she’d been waiting another hour or so (until I was up ) to see what my plans were for the day. As we were both plan-less we decided to  be plan-less together.

Ian and my dad took off. My mom and I had sushi and decided to go shopping.  My mom offered to buy me a bathing suit for my birthday.  Now, if you are a woman you know what a horrific thing it is to go and try on  swim suits.  We ended up having a great time – no tears or anything!  The one suit I almost didn’t try on ended up being the perfect suit and it was 1/2 off!  And,  since finding a bathing suit that fit and didn’t make either of us cry, we shopped for shoes and beach hats.  It was a really wonderful, wonderful day.  Neither my mom nor I is a shopper.  We were in the store exactly one hour when both of us looked at each other with glazed eyes and called “Uncle.”

We got back to my mom’s house just as Ian and my dad were coming home.  They had a lot of fun too.  Ian drove home and when I let him speak (windy road and I was busy with my feet on the glove box and my arms hanging onto the handle above the door) he was full of golf-glee.

All-in-all it was a fun day.  To top it off, we came home to shish-kabobs on the grill and an awesome jello cake for dessert.

I am so so lucky to have the parents I have!  We live close to each other AND we like each other.  A lot. 

Tomorrow better be something exciting . . .  but, after today, I”m thinking it might be a bit of a let down . . . 😉

(The picture above is the top of the suit I got, but it doesn’t look like that irl.  If we go to the beach this week, I’ll get a picture, it’s not tight or oogy at all.  The world is totally safe from my gooey tummy and stretch marks!)

4 thoughts on “Super Sunday

  1. Oh, it's cute! I hope you get a pic!

    I was stunned last year to finally find a swimsuit that I did not have to just tolerate. It fits nicely, it's flattering (ish – I mean, fabric can only do so much), it's comfortable, and it's kind of pretty. Never had that happen before. I will mourn that thing when it falls apart.

  2. Ami- that is SO not a picture of me. ROFL – mashdass? Hmmm . . .

    Dy – I now have two suits I love and will mourn when they die. I'm hoping I go first.

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