Memorial Day 2010

Every year for the past 10 or so years, the boys have spent the Saturday before Memorial Day and the evening of Memorial Day putting flags, crosses and stars of David on the graves of veterans in our local cemetery – in the early morning on Saturday and taking everything down at sunset on Monday.  This year was no different.  Even though Andy isn’t in Scouts, he always goes along to help.

This year, on Memorial Day, the Boys Scouts, which would be Dan and Ian, attended an additional ceremony as aides to a Memorial Day flag ceremony.  While  there, they met two WWII veterans who, according to the boys and Mike, were great and funny.  They also met some vets from Korea, Vietnam, the Gulf War and even Iraq and Afghanistan.

Initially, the boys went to the ceremony because they had been recruited as scouts.  Now, I think they will attend these kind of ceremonies throughout their lives because they recognize the amazing people the ceremonies celebrate.

When asked what he did when he was dropped via parachute into Normandy, one of the WWII veterans answered, “What do you think?  I ran like hell.”  Not sure where he ran but it was the right call on his part.

(Yes, if you look at this picture closely, you’ll notice the other scouts – Dan and Ian are flanking the vet to the left – have sashes displaying their merit badges.  Well, they have better mothers than Dan and Ian.  I despise sewing the badges on and the glue stuff only works for a short time.   I will sew on all their badges for their Eagle Scout Courts of Honor and that’s it.)

4 thoughts on “Memorial Day 2010

  1. When is Dan's Eagle scout court of honor? I have a little somethin' to send to him! I am so proud of him. Badges/sashes it'll get done.

    Hugs, Lynne

  2. Thanks, DPM!

    Linda, they can call sew buttons and repair minor tears in tents, etc. For me the merit badges are kind of like being forced to watch someone who cannot type, type the text of Anna Karenina. It's painful and it makes me twitch. They COULD do it, but I'd have to get them an apartment so I wouldn't have to watch. 😉

    Lynne, I'm not sure when the Court of Honor will be. Dan is wading through the morass of paperwork right now. The plan is for him and three of his friends (they all started out as Tiger Scouts!) to hold a joint Court of Honor. We'll see what happens and I'll keep you posted.

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