Today was one of those days . . . you know the days, no matter how you plan it, it ends up being kind of stupid and long and long.  Today was that day.  

Nothing bad, just too many people with too many things to do and not enough hours to get it all done.  Since Dan’s had his license, we don’t all travel together for errands much – all meaning me and all four boys. What used to be normal is now excruciating! We all set out together this afternoon to run multiple errands.  Oh man. Too many drivers, too many opinions, too many people.  

Dan dropped Ian, Andy and myself off so that Ian and Andy could get haircuts while Dan took  Tim to drop off some job applications and then get gas.  Of course, the hair cut place was slow, so Ian, Andy and I ended up chasing shade in the parking lot waiting for Dan and Tim to get back.  We chased shade for a good 40 minutes.    

Andy was in a chatty mood today.  I indulged him, he’s not a chatty kind of kid. We talked about food I liked when I was 10 and moved onto favorite songs. This topic was narrowed down to favorite holiday songs. (Mind you, it was 92 degrees and Ian, Andy and I were fighting over the shade from one large palm frond.)  

Andy told Ian and me that his favorite Hanukkah song was “Cat’s in the Cradle.” Huh?  We talked and talked.  Finally, Ian figured it out.  He gave Andy a big brotherly slap on the back of his head and said “Stupid!  It’s dradel, not cradle!”  

After that, we went to Wal-Mart.  Need I say anything else?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

2 thoughts on “Ennunciate!!!!!

  1. I laughed out loud at that! And I feel for the kid. I'm the youngest and forever got made fun of by my older sibs for my mangling of song lyrics – “cows in your coffee” comes to mind.

    You have some cute boys there. I love reading about them!

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