Facebook Amy went to London . . .

and I didn’t even get a t-shirt.  Heck, I was in WalMart while FB Amy was emailing all my FB friends that Mike, one kid and I needed money to pay our hotel bill so that we could leave the UK.  Now that I know this works, I’d like you all to plan for our upcoming tour of Italy.   A little bit from everyone and I think my family can have a super vacation.  (Maybe I should add a tip jar to the blog?)  Who knew?  I used to think Flat Stanley was a  bargain. 

Anyway, if you’re on Facebook, it wasn’t really me begging for money.  I really appreciate all of you who called and emailed me to let me know what was going on today.  

4 thoughts on “Facebook Amy went to London . . .

  1. Love the Flat Facebook Amy idea!

    I had a feeling that you were not in the UK since you had just blogged about being home. Once I called the fake Amy on it, he/she logged off! Wonder why?

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