Ahhhh . . .

Go ahead, put yourself right there in the picture. As you can see you have a choice of water, ginger ale or coke.  Flop down, read, doze, watch the waves …

It’s ok, no sharks this visit. Just a hazy, hot day on the Florida coast.

You’re welcome to the sunglasses, but be warned they’re prescription. If you get a headache, it’s your own fault.

Bing, Ian, Andy and I went to the beach today.  Tim refused to wake up and Dan was just exhausted from work and school.  I was hungry last night when I was getting things ready.  The cooler contained chicken salad sandwiches (baked chicken shredded, mayo, crushed pineapple, crushed walnuts, raisins) on whole wheat buns. (The buns were awesome, but I would keep the percentage of whole wheat just under 50%, I used more and my buns were flat.  LOL)

Additionally, I made peanut butter oatmeal M&M cookies.  This is a keeper recipe.   In case of a nuclear holocaust or something, I also packed chips, apples, crackers, pepperoni, and cheese.  

Thus fortified, we headed out.  Ian took charge of the camera. Andy flopped in the surf.  Bing and I sprawled next to each other with our books and a bag of chips to serve as a reminder of personal space.  Really, it doesn’t get better.  

Not much else to say except it was a most excellent day.  Here are some more pictures.

Bing and I eating lunch.

Andy ready to conquer the waves.

I love this picture.  Reminds me of Bing’s fan-dancing days!  

The nice fisherman next to us as he was leaving.  Whatever he was fishing with did NOT attract sharks and we are grateful.

Believe it or not, it never actually rained!

Bing and Ian playing dueling cameras!

Bing and I discussing the potential of sharks, how to solve the leaking oil in the Gulf, whether or not Cajun potato chips burn more calories than regular chips and the relative value of underwire bras.  

Such a short time, so much to figure out . . . but, we’re on the job.  Work. Work. Work.  It’s what we do.

3 thoughts on “Ahhhh . . .

  1. AM sorry to hear you have flat buns.


    Looks like it was a glorious day!

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