OK – Tim finally has a learner’s permit.  I have to say we had the funniest DMV employee EVER as our facilitator.  This man was beyond funny – he realized early on that I “got him” and he took it from there.  At one point I actually had tears running down my face listening to his running commentary on the masses that pass through the DMV.  Funny, funny man.  

So, Tim is learning to drive. Ian has been learning to drive and he’s hit the belligerent stage where he’s enough in control of the car to think he can ignore his own mother hanging on the Jesus strap.  Ian is wrong.  Tim MUST learn from this or my head will simply explode. Tim won’t learn.  My head will likely not explode, but I might wear a hole into the couch from collapsing after all of these driving adventures.  

My main point is, though,  I’ve been at the DMV at least 8 times in the past two years.  I have some ideas, hence the HGTV.  In the lobby or on the sidewalk at the entrance, station two (or more or less depending on that DMV’s traffic) officers right in front.  Flanking the officers are pull down graphics (remember the big maps from school?) showing what you have to have to get what you want.  

No one enters unless they clear the front guard.  Once they’re clear, they enter the DMV.  There’s a small area for little kids to toddle around and play in – you don’t need much and it would cut way down on the crying.  The lines appointment/non-appointment would move smoothly because all of the people without proper documents would have been turned back at the door.  Poof.

Inside the DMV, the walls would be a soothing blue, green or yellow color — as opposed to the flesh-toned walls (a la Crayola).  There would be a take-it-or-leave-it basket for books, papers and magazines for the adults who are not chasing wee kids and didn’t remember to bring something to occupy themselves.  

Really, those simple changes would make the whole DMV experience so much more human.  Is the world ready for a government office makeover show on HGTV?

3 thoughts on “DMHGTV

  1. Brilliant! And may I suggest a (decaf) coffee and tea station once past the front door? It wouldn't have to be the good stuff, just something to keep the hands busy and the taste buds occupied.

  2. Our DMV already checks to see if folks have what they need before they get a number and enter. 🙂

  3. I am so lucky!!! I went the other day to renew my drivers liscense and was in and out of the parking lot in 20 minutes. Including the time it took to unload and load four small children. There is someone to make sure you have what you need before you get a number and a small area for little ones. The employees are all nice and helpful. And now that I think about it the walls are a light blue to match the darker blue suprisingly comfortable chairs. However none of that makes up for the rest of Marylands government offices!!

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