Do not pass Go . . .

We play a lot of board games here.  What we play seems to go in spurts.  We’ll play card games for months and months (Hearts, Uno, etc), then we move to games like Blokus.

Right now, we’ve been in Monopoly land.  The games go on for days and days.  Ian, Andy and I are currently involved in a game.  I left for a few minutes to flip laundry and came back to Andy making a really BAD deal with Ian.  Once the deal was complete, Andy, like most 10-year-old boys, had a bit of a melt down.  

He told Ian “Go to hell.  Go directly to hell.  Do not pass God.  Do not collect $200.”  Amen.  

And, no, odds are we will never send Andy to public school to corrupt your kids.

7 thoughts on “Do not pass Go . . .

  1. Okay, inappropriateness aside, that was extremely clever and I would have laughed my a** off. If I sent my kids to PS, I would hope they would have friends like Andy.

  2. I do love that boy. Maybe he could marry Lily? Bless his heart.

    We just got a fun game–Wits and Wagers. It's a bunch of questions w/numbers for answers (like “how many times in one second does a hummingbird beat its wings?” things no one would really know, usually). Everyone writes his or her answer and then they're laid out on the table, smallest to largest. You place your betting pieces on the ones you think are closest w/o going over. One point for giving the closest answer, one point for having your small piece on the closest answer, two for having your large piece there–so you can hedge your bets if you think someone else might have had a better answer. Fun and pretty fast. We got the family version as the original looked super complicated.

  3. Deana, consider it done. Andy will absolutely marry Lily. I can't think of a better match – and imagine the purty grandkids we'd have?

    Thanks for the game tip. This is our year for the beach house so I've been looking for new games. That sounds like a fun one we all could play without things getting terribly violent.

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