Goodwill Hunting

(totally stealing the post title from the awesome ami. mental.)

But, I really did go hunting for stuff at Goodwill today (no Matt Damon – ewww and no math – double ewwww).  I found an excellent dresser for the porch to store Andy’s Lego’s and the older boys weird props and photography stuff.  It’s narrow and about 6′ long. Perfect for $30.  I started painting it tonight (with Kilz – the humidity is so high out there, the Kilz should buy us five or so years out of the thing).  

I’ve also been checking out books each week or so at Goodwill.  This year is our family vacation at the beach.  Two weeks where I have to do just about NOTHING – and even the stuff I have to do, I am doing while watching the surf so it never sucks.  Anyway, now that the boys are older and swim better than I do, I get a lot of reading done.  So, I’ve been picking books up at Goodwill as I find them.  1) I can’t afford to buy that many books new and  2)It’s pretty much a guarantee that I’ll drop the library book in the surf.  I found five interesting-looking books today and added them to my “beach shelf.”  

School stuff is cleaned up and ready for storage or donation or my “I dunno” box.  Whoo hooo.  The Desk Apprentice has been relegated to the bookshelves for the summer. I might actually put flowers or something pretty in the middle of my table for a change.  

Also at Goodwill?  I found two monster boxes of 50 birthday candles (with funky holders, no less) for $.99 each.  I have them sitting on the counter. That and the monster calendar with “MOM”S BIRTHDAY” marked on Wednesday might attract someone’s attention, right?  😉  I know you ALL have done your shopping for the big day, haven’t you? 

3 thoughts on “Goodwill Hunting

  1. My daughter and I go to thrift stores for books all the time. LOVE it! You never know what you'll find and I will get books I've never seen before because the price is right! Many times I am pleasantly surprised. Sometimes they go back to the thrift store after 50 pages or so. 🙂

  2. We are hunting any kind of theater books at goodwill…scripts of any kind, books about theater, anything.

    Jay is trying to build his library.

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