Well, why not?

I was headed to bed but I saw this story and I’m totally not getting the outrage.  I think if schools instituted punishments that were more meaningful than sitting in a dentention classrooms texting and/or listening to music kids might not end up in dentention so often?  

Mike and I are mean parents.  We do not have to punish the kids often but when we do, we try to make sure it has an impact beyond inconvenience or just boring them to death.  For sure though, I would not ask the kids to do anything I don’t already do – you know, like cleaning toilets!  

For the kids in this story, I think my biggest question is why is this being treated like something outrageous?  Janitors clean toilets all the time.  What better lesson for high school kids to learn – shape up or this is how you’ll be spending your adult life.  

Would you be outraged?  Maybe I’m missing something.

5 thoughts on “Well, why not?

  1. Um, they are high school students! Maybe cleaning the toilets will keep them out of detention!

    I know here the kids think detention is FUN! They love the teacher, and are allowed to play around and text.

  2. It really didn't say did it? There will be an investigation and the appropriate action will be taken. Seems like the school is preparing them for life so it is doing it's job.

  3. Please don't call the BOE on me!!! When my kids are refusing to do their school I always make them do manual labor, the nastier the better. What better way to prepare them for a life that doesn't require much in the way of education. I say the school has it right and it should become the norm. They also could close a funding gap if the kids had to share out all of the janitorial services. They might even take better care of the school.

  4. As long as appropriate measures were taken to keep them from picking up other kids' butt oog (plastic gloves, hand sanitizer), it's not necessarily a bad thing. For me, it kind of depends on the crime. Detention for not doing homework? not acceptable. For smoking or making a mess in the bathroom, or, really, otherwise making work for the janitors? perfect.

    I'm a consequences kind of gal, but they do need to be relevant. I'd prefer it to look less like punishment in the classic sense and more like “You made work for the janitor. Now you owe him some labor.”

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