How Many Candles??????

Or, more to the point, why even have a building full of gorgeous young firefighters right here in the middle of town if they can’t come to my birthday party?  Do you see this picture?  Do you see the flame 45 birthday candles make?  It’s a wonder my hair didn’t catch fire.  Yet, no cute firemen showed up.  Just Mike and the boys.  I guess that’s fine.  

The boys made a four-layer-cake today. The cake was so pretty you’d never know how much abuse and violence was involved in it’s making! :::sniff::: 

Mike came home with beautiful flowers and a mini-sushi tray just for me.  He then proceeded to make dinner for the rest of the family.

I have to say, one year of having your family forget your birthday makes subsequent birthdays way more fun.  😉  Sure, it’s better if they never forget, but, trust me, if they do … it will never happen again.

The boys gave me the Diamond Anniversary Scrabble.
Mike gave me a Scrabble Dictionary.  Pure nerd heaven.  The scrabble board has wheels and spins in any direction!  It’s crazy.  Everyone played tonight, but I’m sure I’ll be left on my own again soon.  It’s ok, with my new board-on-wheels, I can play Scrabble with myself like the old guys playing chess in the short film before Bug’s Life.  Winner gets to wear the teeth for the day.  Here’s the link to the short, called Geri’s Game.

All-in-all, a great day to celebrate. 



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