Think, thank, thunk

I’m going to put this weekend down as a “thinking” weekend.  Lots of thinking about things, not a lot of action.  

Saturday, Mike and I thought aloud about adding on to the house (yes, just as the boys are getting ready to move on lol).  I also thought a lot about mortality as I let Ian and Tim drive me through the hazardous streets of Winter Springs.  

Saturday night, Mike and I had a rare night out to meet friends for a birthday celebration.  Mike knew most of the folks there.  I only knew the birthday couple.  Somehow I ended up at a table across from a GIANT man with a huge beard and Viking bangs, his wife (with Pippi Longstocking braids) to my right.  They were lovely people, but the hair thing started freaking me out – beer did not help.  Mike was happily playing darts and moving around. I was stuck with two people who I just knew at any moment would start trying to teach me how to make chain mail (which would be cool if it wasn’t a rare Saturday night that Mike and I were out alone).  Anyway, I did a lot of thinking last night.  (Just thank your stars this is a family-friendly blog or I could tell you stories that would make you cut your hair into Viking bangs!!!!!!)

Sunday was excellent.  I listened to Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter while I cleaned and did laundry. The premise is insane, but it was FUN!  Historical fiction/vampires/Abe Lincoln?  I dunno, the Anne Rice fan in me is ashamed to admit it, but I absolutely enjoyed the book. It was a good summer fun book.  

More driving adventures with Ian and Tim (the Chinese fire drill twins) – in a super-duper Florida thunderstorm, no less.  Gah!  I really deserve a medal or a tiara!  

We went to the grocery store, heckled working Danny as he was retrieving carts from the parking lot during a break in the storm.  Danny was really happy to see us *snort.*  Next we hit Goodwill just because we were close.  Tim found a new pair of Brooks running shoes (tags and in the box no less) for $4.  In the “surplus” department, I found a comforter, dust ruffle, two pillow sham set for our bed for $35 (again, tags and in the bag/box thing)!  

(Yes, I know I got a comforter back in December, but it’s WAY too heavy for Florida summers.  Now I have a cozy winter bed set and a cool, cottony set! All for under $100!)

From there we drove (I don’t think I’ll ever enjoy being a passenger with any of my boys if they are driving over 35 mph!),  I continued to sweat, and finally, we reached Lowe’s.  Side note, much of the driving anxiety is self-imposed because I refuse to go to Home Depot.

Yes, Home Depot is closer and easier, but I have stand my ground and if that means two more scary traffic lights to travel with the twins, I will grit my teeth and hang on for dear life.  Hah, take that Home Depot!  (I know they miss me.)

Once at Lowe’s we bought some top-secret props for Ian’s upcoming 4th of July magic show and I found a gorgeous rug (10×12) marked down from $250 to $50!!!!!  It is exactly what I’ve been looking for for the living room.  Cross your fingers that it works.  If it does, I’ll take some pictures. 

On Saturday, I received the Rainbow Resource homeschool catalog which is nearly as big as our phone book!!!  I’ve been thinking about finishing up the older boys’ schooling and what to do with Andy.  I’ve been thinking, it’s been a long journey – that kind of passed in a flash.  Huh? Still lots of thinking to do here.

I’ve been thinking about next year and the years to come.  Not much to report on that front, but I’m thinking.  

Hope you all had a great weekend!


One thought on “Think, thank, thunk

  1. I startd laughing at the “GIANT man with a huge beard and Viking bangs” phrase and did not stop until the end.

    Heckling Danny? ROFL! I knew we were the same kind of parents!

    Awesome score at Goodwill. We have a Red, White and Blue store about 40 minutes away from us. I have scored some great stuff there.

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