It’s come to this . . .

Living with five men/boys is my life.  Usually it’s just fine.  But, sometimes, I just want somewhere to go where no one will bother me.  There’s not a lot of room in the house.  A lot of times, I leave Mike and the boys to watch their man-tv in the living while I hide on the screened-in porch listening to a book on tape while I sew or knit or otherwise fidget.  Now that we’re into summer however, I find myself seeking a retreat that involves air-conditioning.  All I’ve been able to come up with is the bathroom off of Mike and my bedroom.  Sure, it’s a 6 x 10 closet, but it’s cool and clean and I can stack books in there.  

The trick has been “HOW to keep the kids out?”  I inadvertently discovered the solution last weekend.  IF you happen to have a bra (preferably padded and totally pimped out with gold fasteners, etc), hang it on the door knob to your bathroom.  Boys would sooner eat their own livers than touch a door knob with their mom’s hideously ugly, vulgar, bra hanging from it.  In fact, I’ve noticed that Mike has taken to using the boys’ bathroom.  I may have to pick up more of these bras.  Who knows, if I find a couple of good ones, I could have the house to myself with Mike and the boys camping out back . . . Muhahahaha . . .

6 thoughts on “It’s come to this . . .

  1. I see a trip to good will for some fantastically gross bras…maybe you need to make a beaded curtain for the doorway of the bedroom with bras and granny panties and pantyhose instead of just plain beads….then you will have more room than just the bathroom.

  2. Dashing off to work here.. but imagine a couple more possibilities.

    You know how there are just a couple brownies or one piece of cake or maybe one little dish of leftovers from a dinner you really love… and someone always gets to it before you do? You have your mouth all set for it, wander out to the kitchen to get it and it's GONE???

    I can totally imagine you hanging bras/tossing underwear everywhere in the house you don't want them to be.

    Want that ice cream? Wrap your bra around the container. Or, if you want to keep them totally out of the freezer, just attach a bra to the door.

    Want time alone with your hubby? While the boys are out, hang a bunch of stuff on the outside doors to your house.

    You may have stumbled on to something big here.

  3. That's brilliant! If only our bathrooms had handles, but – alas – all we have are large sliding doors in the apartment. Maybe if I put a box of tampons on top of the toilet lid it would serve the same purpose.

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