Summer 2010, So far.

It’s funny to me how long you can go with things being the same to the point of boring and then *poof* they change.  Last night, I went to bed not thinking once about Al Gore.  This morning I woke up to headlines about him being a sex poodle.  Gah.  While I’m no fan of Mr. Gore, this is kind of over the top.  And, I’d actually pay for a subscription to a newspaper that did not make me have to even consider Al Gore with no clothes on – just blech, ewww, gah.  I have no clue as to what is the real story, but if it’s not real, WHY would someone bring it up in such a public (lol, I typed pubic the first time) way?????   Ew!EW!Ewwwww!!!!!  

Sorry, just had to get that out of my system.  

As our summer commences, Ian is practicing with the local high school golf team.  He already golfs with my dad and has had some lessons from the pro at my dad’s golf course. Ian loves, loves, loves to golf.  For that, I apologize to his future wife.

That said, it absolutely amazes me that my kids are my kids.  I will do almost anything to avoid talking to a stranger or asking a question or, God help me, having to return something to a store.  It takes all of my energy to get the nerve up to even consider such a thing.  Ian?  Not so much.  

Mike has been emailing the coach of the golf team and coach encouraged us to send Ian to the local country club to the team’s informal summer practices.  If he does well, they’ll put him on the team.  Fair enough.

Well, if you’ve read here for any length of time, you know that we, as a family, do not spend a lot of time at country clubs or golfing or anything like that.  I was sooooo nervous taking Ian to that first practice.  He was wearing nice shorts and a shirt with a collar.  He had his golf clubs (my dad’s old set), golf shoes, sunscreen and jug of water (it was nearly 100 when I dropped him off).  We pulled into the country club and I asked Ian if he wanted me to come with him to meet the coach (while I silently prayed I would not have to meet the coach lol).  

Nope.  He got his stuff out of the car and as I climbed over to the driver’s seat (Ian drove us there), he gave me a wave and walked off to the greens looking every bit a part of the scene. (Since I am his mom, I have to say he looked way handsome in his khaki shorts, cream golf shirt and brown and white golf shoes.) Where does that kind of bravery come from?  I sure don’t have it.He’s been to a couple of practices now and seems comfortable with the coach and the other kids, though maybe not so much with his swing.  I tip my hat to him. 

Tim is going to join the high school’s track team this fall.  The track coach is more of a stickler than the golf coach.  Until I can do the paperwork for the next school year, Tim cannot practice.  I can’t do anything (not honestly, anyway) until August.  In the meantime, Tim has been running and running and running.I don’t get why a person would run if they weren’t being chased, but Tim enjoys it. He even runs with some of the kids on the track team.  They run and then come here and eat everything not nailed down.   It’s fine with me, so long as I don’t have to run with them.  

Dan finished his summer term with A’s at Seminole State College. He’s really happy to have a break and was not happy when I suggested we start making plans for the next (senior!) year and beyond this evening. He’ll be 18 this fall.  We’re taking what will likely be our last family (our family, my sister’s family, my brother and my parents) vacation at the beach this August.  Dan was five when we started that tradition!!!  Now, I’m nagging him about what he wants to do when he graduates.  

Andy seems, for now, content to hang out here and eat and grow.  And grow.  And grow.  At this rate, we’re going to need suspenders to keep his pants up. He’s just getting taller and thinner.  What’s really weird is how much he looks like Tim.  If I could age-up Andy or de-age Time, they would look far more like twins that Tim and Ian ever will.  It’s strange.

I’m trying to work out the next year in my head and on paper.  It’s going to be tricky to make sure everyone is where they’re supposed to be.  I don’t know … but, things generally work out and I’m using that as my fall-back plan. 

I’m off to bed hoping that no creepy, old public figures do anything gross overnight.  I might have to live under my bed if I’m greeted with such ooginess two days in a row.

2 thoughts on “Summer 2010, So far.

  1. As a former unschooling parent I can say that everything will work out! My kids graduated from college even while seemingly doing nothing for high school. (except for dual enrollment) Your kids are smart and enjoy doing things so they will be fine!

    Sounds like you all are having a good summer!

    *word verification: stinke

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