Happy Monday!

Or not.  Me?  Mondays are kind of eh … even though they’re much the same as the rest of my week.  Maybe a leftover feeling from school and working?  Who knows . . .

Still, Monday aside, we had a fun weekend.  On Saturday we went to the beach.  Mike, the early riser, wanted to head out at 7 am.  I get why he wants to do this, but the fact of the matter is that, as a family, we are all the color of paste.  I don’t care what or how much sunscreen you have, I don’t care how many umbrellas you have, I don’t care about any of that . . . if you are the color of paste to start with you cannot compete with summer sun in Florida.  

After much discussion we agreed to leave the house at 1 pm.  We packed up a couple of loaves of bread, cheese, pepperoni, drinks and some peaches and watermelon and headed to the coast.  It was kind of weird because we left Dan at home, he had to work at 4.  Our family is slowly fragmenting . . . :::sniff:::

We arrived around 2 pm and saw all the horribly sunburnt people leaving.  Mike, Tim, Ian and Andy hit the water (surprisingly cold) immediately.  I jumped into the water to cool off but headed right back to the blanket and my book and the food.  It was an easy and perfect day.  

Once I looked up (with my contacts, no less! Oh, how I love being able to see on the beach!) to see Mike and the boys all catch a giant wave at the exact same time.  Because I’m weird, I started to laugh.  It looked to me at that moment like David Hasselhoff’s interpretation of Bonanza as the four of them bounced along the top of that wave.  

(Of course, I made the mistake of mentioning this on the way home and it was a bitter fight over who had to be Hoss.  Gah!  Curse Mike and his wicked antique television shows that turned my boys against each other.)

We’re all home and fine now.  I think.  No sunburns.  No decision on who was Hoss in my fleeting funny moment.  I think Dan is still a little ticked off that we didn’t all stay home while he worked – to do what, I’m not sure, but . . .

2 thoughts on “Happy Monday!

  1. I get that Monday eh feeling too, but for absolutely no reason other than that DW is off to work after the weekend. A school-related holdover, I never thought about it being something like that. Good point! It might explain why PL doesn't seem bummed by Mondays coming around each week. Happy Monday to you too!

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