Sorry, to be MIA for so long.  But, we’ve been off having fun and enjoying the world.  My parents headed to Pittsburgh late last week for my mom’s 50th high school reunion.  (This freaks me out because I don’t think my mom is even remotely old enough to attend something like this.)  BUT . . . I’ve had the joy of using my mom’s car while they’ve been gone.  Andy and I have been in heaven.  We’re not beholden to anyone’s schedules, we can just go.  And, go we have.  

Friday, we headed out, with Tim in tow, not for fun (though we did stop at Kappy’s, home of delicious cheese steaks) but to restock the pantry. This is what I would consider a mid-level shopping experience.  Interesting how when you normally drive a tank, how small a normal-ish car can be.  We were half-way through our excursion through Restaurant Depot before I realized we were not driving the Suburban.  As we’d made two stops before this, it was a concern.  

Tim, however, seems to be gifted in spatial planning as well as heavy lifting.  He made it all fit and Andy only had to sit on one bag of flour on the way home.  When we opened up the back of Bing’s car, I was inspired to take a picture because I don’t think she’s ever seen her car so full. 

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