I am WAY too old to have kids that need me in the middle of the night.  I’m good with being up late.  I’m not so good with just dozing off to sleep to waking to full alert for a sick kid anymore.  I used to be WAY better at this kind of thing.  

But, poor Andy was a mess last night.  He’s a tough kid in general and to see him so puny and sad and sick is heartbreaking. I had to get him up early this morning to get him to the doctor. He actually cried in the doctor’s office.  Andy NEVER cries.  NEVER. Sure enough, strep.  (Janet, the doctor actually called him a “Poor Bunny.”)

I brought him home and settled and to sleep, and I got a call about a survey I’d done with an organization I’ve been signed up with for years and years.  They wanted me to fill in for a focus group on bread.  Andy was passed out and the older boys were home with tons of instructions, so I went.  35 minutes, six bites of bread later, one survey filled out and I was home.  $75 (cash) richer.  Nice, huh?  

The group I’m on board with is called About Orlando.  They do surveys for companies that offer a variety of services and products.  Sometimes I fit the profile they’re looking for, sometimes I don’t.  But, it’s nice “found” money when it works out.  If you’re in Orlando, check this group out.  If you’re not in Orlando, see what is in your area.  The things I’ve done in the past are easy and usually fun.  

By around 8 pm tonight, Andy (with two rounds of antibiotics in him) was nearing human.  I made him stay up for a bit so I could get the Advil timing right, but I think by tomorrow night, he’ll be back to normal.  

Ian and Tim are planning to gut their room tomorrow.  They want to build loft beds and paint.  We’ve given them the go ahead, but my stomach is churning at the thought of what they’ll come up with … I know, it’s not permanent, but *twitch* it’s hard to let go.

And, that’s that for today, I think.  

4 thoughts on “Focus!

  1. I want to be $75.00 richer. I clicked on the link but I don't see how I can sign up. Can give me a recommendation or referral?

  2. Claire, I looked too and couldn't figure it out. Go ahead and give them a call (if they ask for a referral use my name, please). I know they are always looking for new people. I had a referral paper but gave it to my neighbor. If you want, I'll call and have them send on to you.

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