Talk about an excellent word!  Grumpy ranks way up there.  And grumpy is exactly my mood this morning.  While I’m not a morning person, I’m generally not a grumpy person either – caffeine is my friend.  But, today I woke up grumpy and fought nearly all day to shake it off.  Some people are good at grumpy.  It’s a gift.  I don’t really have that gift.  When I wake up in a bad mood, it’s not impressive or intimidating or anything but stoopid. (I’m looking at the picture I have next to this paragraph and I’m thinking maybe as my nose grows, I’ll grow into grumpiness.  I have a substantial nose as it is, but who knows?)

I had absolutely no reason to be grumpy this morning.  Not a single one.  But, there it was – grumpiness.  We dropped Dan off to meet his girlfriend and head to the beach.  Ian, Tim, Andy and I headed out to Walmart to get Ian a pair of shorts and I had a list of groceries.  Now, I think I’ve established that I was in a bad mood before we left the house.  Imagine how much my mood improved as Tim and Ian alternated driving on minor highways . . . go ahead, think on it.  Yep.  My mood did not much improve.  

We got to Walmart.  I sent Ian and Tim to find shorts and Andy and I went in search of groceries.  In the frozen food aisle I got stuck behind an insanely tattooed couple and just gave in – honestly, I’m not anti-tattoo, but if you have time to have all four of your limbs and your neck encased in ink, you have too much time on your hands.  

I don’t know.  I snapped.  The tattoo people depressed me.  They were so young and they, from a distance, looked dirty.  Once you got closer, you could see the tattoos, but gah!  What happens when they’re my age?  Those tattoos are going to sag and be really scary.  Anyway, I’m weird and that just shut me down completely.  I actually said to Andy, “Forget it.  I’m not buying food because you guys will just eat it.”  Yes. I said that and meant every word.  We bought the shorts and left Walmart, sans groceries.  

Guess who has to go to the grocery store tomorrow?  I sure showed them.  (And, no . . . I don’t know who “them” is, but they’re out there.)

The day moved down from there . . .

Upside, my mood is finally improving.  Mike is a smart guy.  When he came home from work he picked up pretty quick that there was no dinner in the making and that it was sure bet I’d cry if he asked about it.  He suggested we go to Tijuana Flats for dinner.  Danny asked who died – yes, it’s that rare that we eat out.  We had a lovely meal that I neither cooked or cleaned up after.  

Strangely, a woman who is running for the local school board was hosting some kind of rally at the restaurant this evening.  I dunno, if I was running for the school board and saw a family walk in with four school-aged children, I’d probably introduce myself.  (Those are HUGE if’s here – I would sooner eat my own liver than introduce myself to anyone I don’t know.  Run for office?  Um.  Not hardly.)  So, I’m inclined NOT to vote for this woman, but I did get her web address and I’ll see what she’s all about before I decide.  I just thought it was strange.  Maybe she could sense my pissiness?

In other news, I don’t think I’ve shown you all my latest project.  I found a cool dresser/sideboard thingie at Goodwill a few weeks ago.  $25.  I painted, you know, how I do.  We removed the middle set of cabinet facings so the stereo and big Lego pieces would fit and set it out on the porch.  It’s funky, white with a peppery-orange interior.  The four drawers on the side hold the bulk of Andy’s Lego’s.  It’s a good thing.

I’m currently looking for a new project.  So far nothing is coming to mind.  I’ve been listening to The Passage. The main reader (there are three) is the same guy who read Atlas Shrugged to me while I put in the spring garden – I like him.  The book is fun – vampires, conspiracies, end of the world, great characters and some fun plot twists so far.  While I listen, I’ve been knitting the world’s most hideous scarf/shawl thing.  I really need a new project … 

OK – I’m off to bed – unGrumpy and fairly certain I’ll be nice in the morning.

2 thoughts on “Grumpy

  1. cheer up… before the kids put YOU in the Cone of Shame (those dog photos crack me up!)

    I like that cabinet!

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