Mmmm . . . chocolate . . .

Ian spent the weekend (a LONG weekend) with my parents at an impromptu golf camp.  Dan worked all weekend.  Tim was home all weekend.  

We put Tim to work.  We emptied his and Ian’s room, spackled, repaired and primed the walls. Someone explain to me how walls get so dirty?  Yick! Next we painted – a gorgeous chocolate color.  I painted the trim while Mike and Tim built loft beds to replace the boys’ bunk bed.  

We actually finished the whole project this evening.  The boys haven’t put their room back together yet, but the pictures give you an idea.  Not bad for two 6’+ kids who are sharing an 8 x 10 space. The floor is clear for the most part; they each have a spacious desk and long bookshelf.  Additionally, there is storage under the beds and in the closet.  

I’m kind of proud of us.  

9 thoughts on “Mmmm . . . chocolate . . .

  1. That looks great! Good use of space for two teens. We changed around Matt's room since he is now back home for a year. He's 22 and needs a space suitable.

  2. That's great! We've got our boys sharing a room that's a bit bigger but I am looking forward to the day we can loft them. (They have to stop rolling out of bed first!)

  3. You should be! I love family projects, and I tell myself that someday the boys will be able to look beyond the therapy and see the memories. (I'm just sure of they will. And I mean my boys, not yours. I suspect your “projects” are not nearly as traumatizing as ours tend to be.)

    The beds and the space look fantastic! LOVE IT!!

  4. What's your hourly rate? I need some of that creative space planning and progressive color choice over here.

    Looks great!

  5. Dy, that's why God made therapy jars. For every trauma, you add a couple of bucks and give the kid the jar when he moves out. 😉

    Mom1 – I'll work for Diet Coke and access to bad television.

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