No matter how organized a person is, things seem to avalanche right before you anticipate a vacation or a break.  I’m very organized.  Unfortunately, life is not that organized.  

So I’ve been spending this week running around filling out mountains of paperwork simply so Ian can be a part of our local high school’s golf team.  Now, Ian is a fine golfer.  I imagine he’ll be a very good golfer in a year or so.  However, he’s no superstar.  Yet, we have to have get forms notarized to say we will not allow him to be recruited by another high school.  Really?  Additionally, it’s not enough that we file paperwork every year with our county, I have to provide stacks and stacks of paperwork further documenting Ian’s homeschooling career.  Again, much of that requires that Mike, Ian and I all get our signatures notarized.  It’s insane.

I had grand plans for today.  I had everyone up early (yes, here in this house, we were up early) and ready to go.  We were all set to head out the door and Andy was nowhere to be found.  After a thorough search, I found him in the garage sobbing.  Yep.  He’s sick again – another bout of strep.  He was hiding because he was afraid I’d be mad if he got sick before vacation.  Gah!  Upside?  My sister called to say Andy’s cousin Jamie also has strep.  Guess who’ll be sharing a bedroom?

I set Andy up on the couch and left him in the care of Dan and Tim. As Andy slept most of the day no one was too put out.  I spent the day shopping for the beach with Bing.  We had a communal fund at our disposal.  First we hit Restaurant Depot.  I love that place.  

I like to pretend I’m on a food show shopping for some exotic meal. (Sue me, I don’t get out much!) So much cool stuff, crazy forklifts racing around everywhere and the chance to shop in a freezer in Florida on a 100-degree-plus day!  Bing is as easily distracted as I am.  I think next visit we make, I’ll bring some bungy cords and strap Bing to the front of our cart like a maiden head on ship.  That way we’ll stick together and distract the forklifts enough that we can get through to our destinations more quickly.  

Next, we headed to Costco.  Costco, I have a bone to pick with you!  I’m all for whole grains and healthy foods but there are times when I just want my regular old pancake mix.  I don’t want 57 grains.  I don’t want to pay three times as much for 1/3 of what I used to buy.  Sometimes, I want just plain old pancakes.  I promise I’ll add fruit and other healthy things to the 2 grain mix I used to love buying from your store.  

Aside from my pancake dreams being shattered, we had a good run at Costco.  We spent far less than I usually spend on a big Costco run and got WAY funner stuff.  Wine.  Chocolate.  Cookies. Hummus. Guacamole.  Sunday (the day our vacation starts) cannot come fast enough for my stomach! 

Mostly, though, today was fun.  I received regular updates from Dan and Tim about Andy.  I got to spend time alone with my mom surrounded by an astounding assortment of food.  I hadn’t eaten before we met up and neither had my mom.  I’m sure our purchases reflect our hunger, but I think it will all work out in the end.  I think we’re both content with our purchase of a two-pack of gorgeous olives.  I’m not sure what Bing is going to do with her olives, but I know mine are going on the bedside table.  Mmmmm… olives.  

The kids keep complaining how they’re surrounded by food but we have nothing to eat.  They’re just going to have to hang on until Sunday (AND we have plenty to eat – it’s just not fun vacation food!).  I’ve made spaghetti sauce, meat loaves, chili, quiches, cinnamon rolls, pickles and pesto to take with us.  Sunday I’ll make pasta salad and some brownies so we can take possession of the beach house without worrying about anything but “beaching” the first day.

Wish us luck getting tomorrow’s list of stuff done … after that, we’re home-free (aside from cleaning because I’m a goober and I hate coming home to a dirt house). 

3 thoughts on “Bingo!

  1. Restaurant Depot AND wine at Costco…so nice. I need to find the nearest RD sometime when I have money. have a good vacation and hope Andy's bout is short-lived!

    PS-I'm one of the annoying people that rejoices at Costco's “healthy” stuff. But not the pancake mix. It's all poison. :O)

  2. Yesterday I plowed through my receipt pile AND my “stuff to be filed” pile, so I know how you feel to get stuff done. It rocks!

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