Things that make you go hmmm…

Sorry to be gone so long – busy, busy week.  Right now, I’m scrambling to get all the badges sewn onto Dan’s Boy Scout badge and to move all the patches from Dan’s old Scout shirt to his new one.  Tomorrow evening is his Board of Review for his Eagle Scout award.  It’s the final step for Eagle.  Sure, I had 6-7 years to sew all of those patches on … but there was always plenty of time.  Gah!  

Last night, I put the patches on my favorite neighbor girl’s new Junior Girl Scout sash.  At least her stuff had pretty colors and rainbows and stuff.  

One thing, though, that I am finding troublesome, I don’t know if I just never noticed or what, but can the Girl and Boy Scouts of America not find even ONE supplier of badges and emblems that doesn’t require a “Made in China” sticker?  Is it me or is that really off?  NO ONE in America can make these badges – even if the cost is a little higher? Or am I just being pissy for no reason?

I’ll be back to fill you in on our week – you know, because we’re so important.  😉  In the meantime, talk amongst yourselves about the made in china badges.  

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